Kosmo & new baby sister Sophie (Graffiti Dogs Project)

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Kosmo and his new baby sister Sophie (the cutest St Bernard puppy you have ever seen) last month for my Graffiti Dogs Project, and feel so lucky that I got to both: a) do something I love, combining three of my favorite things: dogs, graffiti and photography, and b) work with such lovely clients and pets again (Thank you Josh and Ashley!). I look forward to many more photography projects with these kids again, and hope you enjoy their images.



This is funny. Sophie wanted Kosmo’s stick *so. bad.*. I decided to show you the whole sequence here.



Uh, oh, I think someone’s in trouble. I think someone is not supposed to chewing on sticks.


LOL, I busted a gut at this shot. Look at the look on Kosmo’s face!





You like these? Check out the shots of Sophie on the homepage of cowbelly.com.



If tongue length gives any indication of overall size, this girl’s gonna be BIG.



awww, and a heart for the sweet little girl.


hope y’all are having a great week and are drier than we are in Seattle! Rain rain go away, I’m ready for spring!!

21 thoughts on “Kosmo & new baby sister Sophie (Graffiti Dogs Project)

  1. Wonderful photos! Great technique and wonderful eye and ability to get fabulous expressions! Unusual background, but it works.

  2. oh my goodness. these are the most adorable two yet! (i think that every time.) but really. they’re amazing. i just can’t believe your photos. you. are. amAZing.

  3. Hello
    Wow all are amazing photographs and I like all photographs very much as I like animal photography.Sophie looks really very cute and I like innocent expressions very much.Thank you..

  4. Jodi with Snapsisters Sent me your blogsite and I am so glad she did! I have now forwarded onto all of my family and friends. I happen to LOVE Goldens! You are very creative and talented to capture the Best Shots of these sweet pets. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I looooove (well done) graffiti. I LOVE dogs. And I love this project! Just FYI, there’s a new bit of graffiti along the Burke Gilman between Gas Works and Stone Way with some great colors and gold paint. Not as full as these walls, and probably will be painted over before so long. But, since it’s likely to be temporary, I thought I’d tell you in case you find yourself and any pups in the area.

    GREAT series of shots. That puppy is hilarious. 😀

  6. OMG! That puppy is so darn cute!!! Love the two shots where Kosmo is trying to walk away. The expression Sophie has in both and Kosmo’s in the second is priceless! Great work!

  7. AWW! Thats funny, at the dog park I work at a puppy st.bernard puppy named Sophie just joined, but I’m all the way in cincinnati!!

  8. Oh I want a puppy again! I don’t think Stacy would go for a third dog on top of the new baby but I sure would love to take that puppy home

  9. I LOVE the picture where Sophie got in trouble… Her face is adorable. Both dogs are darling! You did a wonderful job capturing that.

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