The power of software (AKA Max’s Decopaw art)

I used to be a lot more picky about images I used for Decopaw art. But now it’s different. “68k file? Blurry? Really dark? Ah, I’ll make it work”. Why? Because it may be my only shot at preserving the memories of their beloved pet in a piece of art that I hope makes their heart sing for many years to come. Case in point: this piece for Max, the dearly passed 16 year old.


P.S. You’ll see a few more art proofs here during the rest of the year. I am only doing art commissions during the months of October, November and December now. (Maybe Jan-March as well, but it remains to be seen!). I sincerely thank my clients who were waiting all summer to work with me. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The power of software (AKA Max’s Decopaw art)

  1. Great work! Very good job on the eyes. The crop is interesting too. The tough part for me is figuring out if the client really only has a 68k file or if they do not know how to attach it without the e-mail program crunching it down. Or my favorite … the quick thumbnail grab off of kodak or flickr when the actual high res. yummy file does exist if they will just go find it. You can’t get irritated though, technology moves so fast… who can keep up with it all? If clients knew all about this stuff they would do their own artwork. Have a great season Jamie!

  2. Hi Samara,

    Yep, I do it all the time! I should have clarified in the post that I was talking about not being picky about shots clients send to me to work up. This photo was not taken by me, which hopefully is clear, lol. My client sent it to me in email and it was the best he had, given that the dog had already passed. As I mentioned in the post, I’m happy to at least try to design an art piece from even low-quality images clients send me. Most of the work that I do is using pre-existing images, because about 50% of my clients live nowhere near me. I love that I can do this to honor a pet who has already passed. Yay. 😀

  3. I agree. Something is better than nothing. Even a not * great * photo is better then not capturing them in their adorableness. 🙂 This art proof is soooo cool. What an artist you are. Would you ever consider doing them from a photo you did not take yourself if it was decent enough to work with?

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