Rockstar Dog Magazine featuring Charlie

You guys remember Charlie right? Well, shortly after his shoot last year both of his parents got laid off. Then I heard that Charlie’s dad’s life got even worse. I wanted to do something really nice for him, so I designed this faux magazine cover in honor of his boy as a gift to him, and to hopefully brighen his world. It worked. Yay. 🙂

Here is the magazine cover, which I had printed as a 10×10, mounted on styrene.


Everything you see above was designed by me, from concept to execution. It’s quite possibly one of my favorite things I have ever designed. I wish I had taken photos of the finished print before mailing it. I plan to do more of these at some point in time, and have ideas for the girl version already.

I ran into Charlie’s dad at Oktoberfest not too long ago, and, in words I can’t print here, he essentially said “that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me”. I was beyond happy. I received this thank-you card in the mail from him shortly thereafter.


Charlie’s dad also tells me I have some homebrewed pumpkin ale coming to me (my favorite!!). Thank you Charlie’s dad, and I really hope we get to hang out together again. I had an absolute blast working with your boy. 🙂

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