Fergie: a personal project: part 1 (Fergie sleeps)

From time to time, when I am able to carve a few minutes of time out of my always-hectic schedule, I try to spend 5 or 10 minutes photographing my best friend in the world- Ferguson Pflughoeft (my dog, for the uninitiated). These are snapshots of moments in time in her life, shots I take for myself, that I know I will treasure for a lifetime. This post will be the first in an ongoing series. I hope you find her as interesting and beautiful as I do.

Fergie sleeps:

Fergie sleeps under the covers with me on her own accord. She walks up to the head of the bed, ‘asking’ to be let in until I pull the covers up so she can crawl under them. It’s the same every night. If I don’t do this she’ll nudge the edge of the sheets until I comply. It’s the cutest thing ever.





She was getting mad at me here because she just wanted to go back to sleep.


wanna see something really crazy? check out the pattern of the sheets in her eyes below.


when she gets hot she crawls out from under the sheets and lays with her legs straight out behind her in what I call her frog legs pose.




and now we move from the bed to the couch. notice how different the colors are in these next shots. most of them were taken with my cheapo 50mm 1.8 lens. it produces beautiful photos, but I rarely use it in shoots because it requires manual focus, and I don’t like forcing dogs to ‘sit-stay’ very much in my shoots. works great on sleeping animals though, lol


I *love* that shot on the right below. She looks so innocent and vulnerable.


fergie has little swirly cowlicks all over her, which I absolutely love.





anyone wanna guess what my very favorite part of my fergie girl is? hee hee



I will continue to share shots of my furry roommate as time allows and as I remember. Hope you enjoy my shots of my favorite dog in the world! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Fergie: a personal project: part 1 (Fergie sleeps)

  1. I can’t believe how much our pups look alike…except our pup is a boy!If I could attach a picture I would. You have inspired my to really focus on the details when taking pictures of him. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures you take!

  2. I so love the picture of her legs. It’s one of those images that just tells a story. And it’s really cute!! :mrgreen:

  3. she’s a beauty! i love all the cute closeups. dogs have such sweet parts. like the sweet whorl in her fur or the cute little tufts of fur by the ears. our pug ollie has so many whorls, one in front of each ear, one on each side of his body where his front legs join his body, one on his chest and one on the backs of each back legs…where his pants are.
    thanks for sharing!

  4. I am so IN LOVE with this series. My edi does the exact same thing with the covers. And OH! the swirls…I love those too.
    thank you for posting these. Made me smile!

  5. these are so awesome! fergie might be one of my favorite dogs in the world, and i’ve never even met her. also, i’m totally in love with your sheets/bedspread.

  6. So incredibly precious….this puts a HUGE smile on my face. Much love to you and Fergs. 🙂

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