final Boston dog shots

Because I didn’t post very many of our Boston dog model’s photos in my first post, I wanted to pay them due homage here by posting my final favorites of my new furry friends I made while on the east coast. Miss you guys already! Hopefully their personalities come through loud and clear in their images and you get to know them just a little as I did when I was there. But just in case my images don’t do them justice, I’ve done a little word association with each dog. Enjoy. 🙂

Ginger. sweet. family. pink. laid-back. curly-tongue.






Remi. (Short for Remington). playful. inquisitive. happy-go-lucky. friendly. hungry.




Marley. pretty. soft. sweet. social. independent.






Buddy. shiny. mellow. giant. humble. huggable.






Thatcher. flirt. lover. cuddly. sweet. happy.







Oh HEY! You guys wanna see some more fun blog posts on the Boston workshop?

Yes, of course you do! Especially if you might see shots of yours-truly taking pictures of dogs!

Go check out the blog posts from my new friends April Ziegler of Philly, Li Ward/Fat Orange Cat Studio of Boston and Maria Andrews/White Whiskers Photography of Boston. I LOVE seeing different perspectives on the exact same subject! Just one reason (out of many) why there is enough work to go around. We are all unique, and as creative professionals, we all have our own take on what we shoot. That I get to see an example of this just makes me giddy. Thanks for the posts gals! Oh, and kudos to any one of you who got any good shots that afternoon in blazing bright sun of a pure white dog! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “final Boston dog shots

  1. If I had only known sooner that my passion was with dog photography…I would have been a hand-waving crazed student at the workshop! So wish I could have met everyone and talked shop. My hubby is sick of hearing about it :). Maybe another time…another place. I can’t pick a fav. image, I love them all.

  2. @nick- what you just said “awesome that you can talk/teach and still shoot well at the same time” is hands-down the hardest part of teaching a photography workshop!! it’s one thing to DO it, it’s a completely different thing to DO it, TALK it, EXPLAIN it and get decent results all at the same time. you should see how nervous I am before these model shoots, lol. 😛

  3. Awesome! Those bring back such good memories of such wonderful models. All unique in their own ways. I would love to know which ones their parents pick out.

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