Off to Boston and Chicago!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that I will be headed to Boston this Thursday, staying through Monday morning, for my Boston workshop, then flying to Chicago next Thursday-Sunday for my Chicago workshop. I had planned to stay in Boston and Chicago next week but the thought of leaving Fergie for 12 days was absolutely killing me, so I decided to swallow hard and book the super expensive plane fare home and back to spend a few more precious days with my girl. The way I see it, Boston and Chicago aren’t going anywhere, but my dog only has one life. 🙂

My sincere apologies to those who I was hoping to meet up with while there! I hope you understand that 12 days is just too heartbreaking a length of time to be away from my doggie daughter. Perhaps next year I can fly for pleasure and really get to experience the cities as they are meant to be enjoyed. This trip will be all business, 100%.

Will be offline for a bit starting tomorrow, but back with new photos! Hope y’all are having a great week. It’s sunny again in Seattle, whoopee! 🙂

Oh, and a few pics of my sweet girl who is my raison d’etre.



6 thoughts on “Off to Boston and Chicago!

  1. Hi, have always been wondering what breed is your dog. Initially thought it looked like a pitbull but Fergie is sooooo cute and adorable. So I don’t know what breed is it?

  2. Oh, it is hard to be away from them, isn’t it? I’m with you there! We just went on a vacation to Mexico and flew in my MIL to stay with our babies for the week so they didn’t have to go to a kennel. It was so worth it. Lovely photos!

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