University Canine Learning Academy art/photography show- tonight!

Leave it to me to provide last-minute notice on things like this. I posted the event on my website last week, and thought I had posted it to my blog at that time too, but discovered much to my chagrin that I hadn’t!

In any case, here are the deets:

Join us for a fun art/photography show at University Village’s new University Canine Learning Academy. Cowbelly will have a large photography and art display hanging and will be on hand to chit-chat about dogs, art, photography and more.

Timing: 6pm-9pm

Location:2920 NE Blakeley ST. Suite D Seattle, Wa. 98105, just north of University Village near the Elliott Bay Animal Hospital.

Website address:

If you are looking for something fun to do tonight and want to get out of the house, come on over and join us! UCLA is a great training center and the owners are just the nicest people. The space is really cool too, with lots of light coming from a ginormous skylight (which I love).

Hope to see some of you there!