2010 Workshops update

I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t post any more workshops updates to the blog. But this one is important.

I have been getting a lot of emails lately from people saying things like “I look forward to coming to one of your workshops in 2010 in NYC/Dallas/Miami/fill in the blank city.”

I have made the final decision: I will *not* be holding travel workshops after 2009.

So, the final travel workshops I will teach, and your last opportunity to go to one near your home (assuming you don’t live in Portland, OR), are: Boston and Chicago in August 2009, and Atlanta and Austin in October 2009. (see the dates here).

Beyond that, starting in 2010 all Cowbelly workshops will be held in the lovely city of Seattle.

Although this is bound to change, given that I am a changeable creature, I anticipate holding only 2 workshops per year, one in the spring and one in the fall, and having a 20 person maximum registration per workshop.

The Boston registration deadline is tomorrow, and I have only 2 spaces left for the 2-day (the 3-day is full), and the Chicago registration ends next Friday 7/14. I have a few spaces left for Chicago, but you Chicago people are last-minuters so those spaces are filling super fast as I am having a new person register every day.

There are still plenty of spaces left for Atlanta, and Austin is now filling up quickly.

If you are interested in any of those cities give us a shout. And also, this is important, if you are interested in attending a 2010 workshop in Seattle next year please please email us so we can get a list going. I had over 150 people interested in workshops this year and with only 40 spaces next year I may end up carrying a waiting list. I know that by then the economy will have improved and more people will be ready to hit it with their businesses, and I want to make sure I can serve those who are already planning ahead, so please email us to let us know.

Ok that’s it! Hope y’all are having a lovely week. Sunshine in Seattle, yay. 🙂

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