Simba & Rey bassets sneak peek

Ironic as it is, I had the opportunity to photograph yet two more basset hounds recently. And just like Buster and Sophie, they were a riot. And by riot I don’t mean funny to look at (although there is that too), but I mean super fun personalities, game for anything, really easygoing and easy to please. Hey- kinda like me! lol. Maybe I’d be a basset hound if I were a dog. Minus the droopy eyes.

Rey & Simba: L-R




After we moved out of the bright, bright sun (I realized that at this time of year shooting at 10am is far too bright- summer light crept up on me!), I forgot to change my camera settings in the shade and had a too-slow shutter speed. At first I was miffed that I had these blurry shots, but then I took a step back and laughed out loud. Thought I would share these ‘accidents’ here. 🙂


I think I rarely show shots like these on my blog, but they are my favorites. Somewhat abstract, with weird depth of field and interesting colors and composition. The ones clients almost never pick, that are more about evoking a feeling or mood than capturing an expression.



Basset #1 (Rey)


Basset #2 (Simba) (doesn’t he look like he’s laughing in this shot?)



My favorite kind of ‘human + pet’ shots. Completely, totally, 100% unposed organic.

basset hound getting belly rub


This next shot was just begging for some vintage processing. I was happy to oblige.






Just *had* to get the basset feet and belly.



Hope you enjoyed Simba & Rey! Christine and Chris thank you so much for your patience with me! I had a fantastic time with you guys and the boys, and can’t wait to show you all of their images. Full gallery online in 2 days! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Simba & Rey bassets sneak peek

  1. Rey and Simba are playmates of my FOUR miniature schnauzer babies and we all love chasing after balls ( and squirrels and baby bunnies).
    I have to confess, I thought Simba and Rey were handsome but you were able to capture the inner beauty of these wonderful dogs. Need to call you to arrange for a “sitting”!

  2. Chris & Christine –

    Both Rey and Simba are rock stars!!! I must say Rey is definatley a HAM 🙂 They are so adorable and the photos are amazing; capturing the full essance of “the basset hound”. I look forward to hanging out with you both and the boys soon!!!! Margaritas, mojitos and something for Rey and Simba!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jamie! You made our day! What fabulous work with the boys! We knew they were comedians but to see it thru your eyes made it even more enjoyable. We love every single one of them. Thank you!!! Chris & Chris

  4. WoW! Bassett action shots. The colors are gorgeous and the profile shot is really stunning. and then there’s the one with the “get that camera out of my face” look. Very fun!

  5. You captured so many expressions with these two! I’m sure their parents will appreciate that as they know each one and no doubt love them all. I also like the little details like the ones of their leg and paw or the other showing both of your backs from above. You do amazing work!! And what a fantastically fun subject matter. Beautiful!

  6. omg omg OMGGGG!!! Those are so freaking cute! And gorgeous! I bow to you, Jamie! I bet you died laughing when you viewed those crazy eyed running at you ones! Hilarious!

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