Santa Monica Pet Photography- Sophie basset- Santa Monica sneak peek

My other photo session when I was down in Santa Monica was Sophie the basset hound. She was a delight to work with, and quite possibly the sweetest, gentlest basset I have ever worked with. I hope that her images really show her sweet, sensitive soul. She is a therapy dog, and helps those who need a little bit of extra support. I can see how she would be really really good at this.

The Viceroy Hotel made the most gorgeous shooting location to start from, and I really hope to be able to photograph dogs there again!

Are you interested in your own Santa Monica pet photography session? Drop me a line and we’ll book your session today!

santa monica pet photography

We started her shoot in the Viceroy Hotel lobby (the images seen here), then finished at the beach and park nearby. Although the lobby would have produced some cool shots, it was noisy and busy and just not good for doggies sadly. We were only there for a few minutes before we hit the outdoors, my favorite place to shoot anyway.

santa monica pet photography

It was a gloomy day but Sophie’s smile lit up the whole beach.

santa monica pet photography

Check out the ears in the mouth folks. Ah the things you need to worry about when you are a basset. IMO there is little funnier than a running basset hound. hee hee

santa monica pet photography

los angeles dog photography

I love the canopy of palm trees on the right below.

santa monica pet photography

los angeles pet photography

Here I was demonstrating how you can get shots of the owner and their pooch without them having to be cheesy and posed. I just said to Sophie’s mom “pretend we aren’t here and do what you would normally do with Sophie” and this is what she did. Love them.

santa monica pet photography

santa monica pet photography

santa monica pet photography

Ha ha ha ha, basset teeth!!

santa monica pet photography

At the tail end of our shoot I noticed the palm trees reflected in the cool wall at the front of the Viceroy Hotel. Reason #14 why I always try and keep my camera out of the bag until I am back in my car.

santa monica pet photography

Here is something really wacky and crazy. So I photographed two basset hounds in California- Sophie and Buster- unrelated dogs. Neither of which I had planned for, or expected. This weekend I am photographing two more basset hounds near Seattle. It’s basset fever around here!  🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week! I am trying to catch up on work and emails and getting ready for a super fun commercial job this Friday. It’s not a basset (lol) but it will still be a blast. I’ll keep y’all posted on that!

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14 thoughts on “Santa Monica Pet Photography- Sophie basset- Santa Monica sneak peek

  1. The floppy ear photos made me smile! Poor dog has to worry about biting it’s ears on accident. 😉 Great photos as usual!

  2. Hi Jamie! We loved our time with you on this perfect June day! We all had a blast! Can’t wait to see the work you did with Simba and Rey. You are a Basset magnet. Sophie’s pictures rocked! Did I tell you that Rey is a therapy dog too? He is one of the Reading with Rover dogs. Take Care! Chris G. 6.27.09

  3. I’ve never seen a Basset run– and now it is on the top of my to do list! I can’t wait to have a basset session myself– you’ve done an outstanding job here!

  4. The flopping ears are too cute! I also love the last set of photos with her big paws and the beautiful glass background. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity Jamie!!

  5. I am cracking up here! I love the ear in the mouth shot…what a riot! I love this dogs personality and how you captured a little taste of it all 🙂

  6. These are truly great! Love those running shots! It’s too bad the lobby didn’t work out for very long, looks like a very cool background.

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