Willow- RIP

Never before have I witnessed as close a relationship between an animal and a human than Willow and his mom. It was a connection so profound that it was hard for me to even photograph. At the ripe old age of 19, Willow’s time had come, and 7 days following our shoot he was gone.

I feel deeply honored that I was able to participate in and honor such an amazing bond. Willow this post is my tribute to you little buddy. May you dream of fish and butterflies for all time and may your heart be alight with the love for you that continues on now and forever.




A gorgeous stained glass art piece Willow’s mom had made of her little buddy who had been with her since middle school. 






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20 thoughts on “Willow- RIP

  1. Cats are so precious, My little (Sammy) & I have that same bond that Willow & his Mom had & still have, I cant imagine ever loosing him but I know one day I will be in that same place in life with him, But for now, I just cherish every moment I have with him ! These Pics of that beautiful Kitty, are so wonderful, Brought me to tears, God bless you for capturing the real Willow, so many photo’s are set in a staged atmosphere, But these are beautiful, & my prayers are with you Willows Mom, May God comfort you!

  2. I was directed here by some other photographers that I talk to and I must say these are absolutely beautiful, and brought me to tears, as I just lost my childhood cat of 16 years and he looked just like Willow, and I so wish I wouldve done some recent pics of him. Im sure she will cherish these forever. Beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful, sweet kitty. Gorgeous pictures. As a pet-lover who has loved and lost, I can guess just how much these photographs will be treasured by Willow’s mommy.

  4. these are so sweet. willow’s mama will treasure these! how fortunate that you were able to get pics of this perfect little lion in time…

  5. Thank you all for your kind words, and Jamie for fitting us into her busy schedule. It has been so hard to be without Willow; it’s been almost a month and it hurts just as much now as it did then. I feel like there’s a big hole through the middle of me and I don’t know how no one sees it.

  6. wonderful photos, jamie. you did a great job preserving willow’s spirit; i love that last photo on the right. what a full life he had.

  7. Jamie these are so special and heartfelt…I love that last one with the legs in the air and the close up of the two of them…you can feel the love!

  8. Beautiful images. His mom will definitely cherish these images of her baby. Photos are sometimes over looked, but are so valuable. Especially when loved ones are taken from you. Thank you Jamie for being so awesome.

  9. oh my god *bawls* 🙁 So sad. But so wonderful that you were able to capture these amazing images for Willow’s mom. I am sure she is so very grateful.

  10. To think this little one was just a week away from leaving this life. What a snuggler and lover Willow is. That’s a special quality in a cat! Looks like a very beautiful bond. It’s so sad to know Willow’s mommy is dealing with that loss. It’s not an easy thing to get over. Peace to her. I’m sure these amazing, incredible, love filled photos will be cherished deeply.

  11. this made me tear up and I am not even a cat person. What a little beauty. The shots are amazing and will be cherished. rip little kitty.

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