what’s-a-goin-on?? behind-the-scenes look

I feel guilty when I’m not able to post to the blog very often. I love all of my dedicated followers and it makes me sad to think of you guys coming here or looking at your RSS feeds and saying “sigh, nothing new today, guess I’ll go eat dirt” in an Eeyore kind of way. Ok, I know you aren’t eating dirt (at least I hope not!), but you get the picture. 

I wish I could be a daily blogger, but if you ever catch me posting daily for any length of time it’s because either a) I don’t have very much client work to do, or b) I am procrastinating on getting said client work done, in which case, please slap my hand. In my biz, I always try and put my clients first. 🙂

That said, I wanted to give you guys a behind-the-scenes look. Here is what we have been up to lately:

  • art for ruby & buster, finished revisions, off to printer now for the two 18×18 canvases
  • art for ruby2, finished, printed, returned to me yesterday- 3 *amazing* 14×34 canvases, plan to take photos today, will deliver this WE
  • print for tucker, ordered, back yesterday, shipping today
  • prints for duke (remember him- from May of 08?) printed, shipping out today
  • print of astro shipping today
  • surprise gift for rachel shipping today 
  • art proofs for 2 bassets + kitty for surprise gift done, waiting for revision request
  • prints + 2 12×18 canvases for sydney and sienna delivered to their home yesterday. parents loved the canvases and prints. kitties loved the ribbons and tissue paper the packages were tied up with. double-bonus!
  • cleaned and painted new office (what? new office?)
  • moved offices (yep, that’s right- we moved! yesterday in fact. total impromptu.). same studio, wayyyyy cool office. will post photos when it’s all done- probably about 10-14 days. can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been up to. sore and tired today but SUPER happy!
  • working on art proofs for mattie, waiting on images for his photobook
  • starting on art proofs for murphy and mr jones, need to edit images for photo prints
  • bought some stuff to use for my natural light studio work- will be practicing some more soon!
  • bought some stuff for a small product photo ‘studio’- stuff that cost me maybe $30, lol. total DIY.
  • continued work on workshops stuff, decided on an additional city. more on that *very* soon!
  • passed off the bulk of workshops correspondence and research to christina, who is now working closer to full-time until we get caught up on it. 2-3 weeks behind now on the deadlines on my action item list. 
  • completely overhauled my pricing from the ground up. took 4 weeks and some professional paid help to do, but it’s finally done! about 3 years overdue.
  • agreed to be a judge for a new pro photogs directory for their pet photography category, agreed to be interviewed for a podcast for a popular internet spot
  • submitted insertion form for 3-issue ad for very popular national dog magazine. next one: may-june issue. designed the ad overnight because past deadline!
  • learning, learning, learning, learning. this has been a time of massive mental expansion and ideas and creativity and improvements and change. LOTS of NEW things going on business-wise. 
  • hung one new photography display, attended the successful store opening party, met with 2nd store owner for a 2nd display- planning a big launch party with them, sooo excited! planning a 3rd photo display to replace a current decopaw art display
  • revised art proofs for lucy & ethel, need to email parents, soon will be going off to the printer- ginormous long canvas. need to confirm my printer can do it that big first, lol. 
  • proofed jack & blu’s images using a totally new process with LR2 and custom created finishing actions in PSCS3. 
  • designed new blog post image prep actions to speed workflow
  • finishing new client services site, only one more page left to do!
  • designing new website for cowbelly.com. will take many months to complete, have no deadline, maybe done in the fall??
  • launched 2009 workshops and new website to go with, started signing folks up. registering people every day for 5 cities.
  • designed flash slideshow for homepage of www.cowbelly.com. tweaked the website a bit. totally changed the ‘about’ page to be a better reflection of ‘jamie’ and show my personality more and better fit with my branding. need to add a static image file to start of slideshow cause it loads too slow.
  • planning a photog retreat with a few pet photog colleagues to take place this fall. location tbd.
  • proofing willow the kitty’s images today
  • doing more new office organizing today. clearing the floor so we can walk in there.

Whew, this all looks like A LOT of stuff! BUT, keep in mind these things have been over the past couple of months, so it really isn’t that crazy.

No longer will I say “I am crazy busy”. I am not interested in that kind of lifestyle anymore (remember my meeting with Christina back in October?). Now I am “happy busy”. I love being busy, but don’t love being stressed. I am making every effort with my life and my business this year to greatly reduce stress and ‘crazy-bizyness’.

Finding balance and being able to work and do what I love is a lovely thing. Also having learned from my many mistakes over the past 6-9 months or so means that I am more knowledgeable now than ever before. I love that I will be able to pass on these newly learned lessons and tips to others during my workshops this year.

On the personal life front, lest you think I am just a working *machine* here is what’s-a-goin-on with that:

  • completely cleaned out all closets, drawers, nooks and crannies. felt sooo good. I highly recommend it! 
  • will be having a ‘free’ party with girlfriends with awesome stuff that would otherwise go to goodwill
  • bought new bed, it’s so tall fergie almost can’t get on it. super comfy. back pain is gone.
  • new purse, new wallet, old purse and wallet were falling apart!
  • cleaned out and detailed car, repaired car issue with some sort of sensor. got invaluable info on audis from my super cute car mechanic. 
  • got new driver’s license (dmv NOT fun). guy at the dmv almost took my picture and put it on the card of the short hispanic man standing behind me. we all giggled about that. cop pulls him over “uhh, are you sure this is you?” looking at a photograph of a tall brunette scandanavian looking woman. 
  • been taking fergie to the park every single day. she is in *amazing* shape right now and really happy!
  • got my new panasonic lumix dmc-fx35 point and shoot. LOVE it! will post photos at some point. been taking pictures every single day everywhere I go. even have some of bald eagles at the park!
  • researching unlocked jailbroken 2g iphones to use with my t-mobile plan. (if you have advice for me there feel free to email me at info@cowbelly.com!!). have been told the 3g iphones are overkill for t-mobile users because t-mobile only has edge?? so much to learn here…
  • decided I *will* be moving at the end of my lease at the end of july. horrible timing but it has to be done. rent is going up *again* and I learned that the owner of my building is a horrible, horrible person. renter’s market means more choices for us! plus fergie needs a yard and I want a house. if I end up in west seattle it will make 3 (4?) pro pet photoggers in that neighborhood! yay, close to my girls! 🙂
  • dealing with health issues, still hope to post on that to help others out there who may have the same illness. finally starting to feel some improvements in the last 7-10 days. finally. been quite sick since december. no longer sleeping 12-14 hours per night (yes, you read that right). taking gross tasting magic tonic and vitamin d drops and prenatal vitamins (don’t get any ideas! no babies on the way here!!). 
  • trying to stave off mom who is *intent* on setting me up with her doctor in her area. “yes mom, he is quite cute, yes, he seems very charismatic, yes I very much do want to meet him, yes, I will call him, but I have a few things going on right now”- see above. lol
  • trying to meet friends for drinks regularly to get away from the social networking and back into the real world. and no we don’t text or tweet each other when we meet, hee hee.
  • needing to start some sort of exercise program. hate gyms, hate exercise videos. have it down to: hip-hop dance classes, or dancing at the baltic room twice a week, or swim lessons up the hill, or long power walks with fergs on the waterfront, or free weights or some or all of the above. will get out there and start doing *something*. the sun is coming out again, I am ready!

So you see, I’m not just a working *machine*! hee hee

Since no blog post is complete without a photo, here are a couple from one of our recent trips to the park, taken with the new Panasonic Lumix. This image is probably most relevant to my life right now because we are there every day. Wish I had had my camera with me today, it’s *gorgeous* out. That’s Elliott Bay on the right, which is where downtown Seattle is, and you can see the Olympic mountain range on the image on the left. 


Not too shabby for a little point and shoot, eh? It even has wide-angle! And macro! And video! I’ll post video of Fergie soon. I’m *loving* it!


Thanks so much for reading our behind-the-scenes and I promise more photos soon! 🙂

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  1. Yeah for you! I aspire to be as happy busy as you some day 😉 I didn’t see yoga on your list 🙂 Helped me alot when I had adrenal probs! Hope you are enjoying the same beautiful sunshine we are enjoying in Portland!!

  2. hi jamie, it was a beautiful weekend in the nw. we went to port angeles with the pugs and had a lovely time. take care of yourself.

  3. thanks for the update, I wonder if you still going to bow your head for a while while entering your new office lol
    You are a busy girl, take care of yourself!

  4. Glad to hear that everything is falling into place how you would like it to 🙂 Bear, Llana, and I are sending over tons of wishes for happiness and healthiness.

  5. Yay for “Happy Busy”! I have a Panasonic LS75 p&s that I love – took pics all over Seattle when I was there last week – and I think they are good pics for just a little digicamera. I love it lots.

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