The Pet Stops Here Bellevue grand store opening event

I am waiting to hear back on who won our fun lens contest! I will let you guys know as soon as I know. One lucky dog’s gonna receive an email asking them to pick out a lens rental, woohoo!

In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know about a fun event I will be participating in this Saturday.

Yesterday I hung a large (and I do mean LARGE) new photography display at a store over on the Eastside of Seattle in Bellevue, WA (see below). The store moved locations into a huge new beautiful space, expanding for the 3rd time after 10 years of success. The new space has a fantastic roomy store filled with cool and unusual products, including a baby blue studded leather collar and new food bowl I bought for Fergie a few weeks ago. The store is backed by a huge clean grooming shop with an open design, which means that from the store you can see all of the pooches getting their fur trimmed, and they have something fun to look at while getting a blow out.

Beyond the grooming shop is a large daycare, with lots of different areas for different sized dogs to play. Also incredibly clean. Every room in the space has tall ceilings and I am just beyond enamored with it. Diana the owner has done a truly amazing job with this new space. The store even has this sweet huge wrought iron chandelier. Can’t get much cooler than that!

Anyhoo, they are having a grand re-opening this Saturday, and contacted me a few weeks ago about hanging my photography. I was thrilled when I received the email because I have been wanting to branch over to the Eastside for quite awhile, but never had time to really research stores. This is a true match made in heaven for me. Keep an eye out on this blog for photos of the owner’s pups. We’ll be doing a shoot in Bellevue as soon as the rain stops. (Which better be soon, grrr…)

And now for the official blurb on the event this Saturday:

The Pet Stops Here Grand Re-opening:

Saturday, April 4th @ TPSH (10697 Main Street, Bellevue 98004, 425-637-0188)

1-5pm is Open House
7-9pm is Wine & Hors D’oeuvres

On location will be product representatives, a pet massage therapist doing live demonstrations, a pet psychic, and pet photographers & artists. Diana even told me last night there will be this crazy Russian dance performer there too! Good times.

Of course, I will be there with my camera to capture all of the action. I’m thinking I’ll be there for an hour or a little more during the open house, then back for the two-hour party. Come on over to say hi if you have never met me, or come over to say hi if you have! To my Eastside clients: if you come and bring your dogs it would make my year! Also, I guarantee if you have never been to the store before you will find some awesome things to take home with you. 

Pics of The Pet Stops Here: 10697 Main Street, Bellevue 98004. 
(pardon the low quality, I was shooting inside at night with my new Pentax Lumix point and shoot [more on that in an upcoming post], which takes *great* daytime shots, not so great nighttime shots w/o flash)


Those prints you see below are the biggest I have ever hung. The big ones are 30″x40″. These photos just don’t do justice to the display, it’s ENORMOUS. See those metal shelving units below the big prints? Those are taller than me, and I’m 5′ 9″!

The ‘small’ ones on the end are all 16×24. I measured the wall down to the last inch before purchasing the prints for the display, and it worked out perfectly.  I will get some better shots of the whole store on Saturday with my 5D when the light is a little better. Including of the chandelier. lol. 


That’s Christina with the owner Diana’s dogs, Cash and Chance. 


Christina and I were so excited about the display that we decided to go out to dinner and celebrate. We went to this awesome Mexican restaurant in Bellevue that had the best drinks. Don’t remember the name of the place but the food and margaritas were gooood.  My melon, raspberry, citrus margarita on the left, Christina’s pomegranate ginger margarita in a martini glass on the right. 


P.S. Thank you Jenna for reaching out to me! You rock and your email this morning made my day! Hopefully my display made yours 🙂

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  1. That is amazing! I love the large display especially! They look so great on those walls. Are the prints canvases? And what a beautiful store!

  2. Wow awesome decorations in there 😀 You should have taken a pic of you standing next to a print for scale hehe…

  3. Awesome Jamie! Beautiful photos. It’s funny that you mention that the ‘small’ prints are 16×24. Not small at all, at least in my opinion. 😉

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