Murphy & Mr Jones

So sorry I have been so absent from the blog lately! I promise to update more soon. Lots going on right now both business-wise and personal wise and some exciting changes in the works. In the meantime, enjoy more pics of Murphy and Mr. Jones. It took place recently on the most gorgeous day of the year so far. A perfect Seattle winter day. It was downright glorious.

Edited to add: “Ok Simon, you win! No more novelty borders!” 🙂



Murphy has the coolest ear hair.

Something new: shooting through sheer orange curtains. Li the orange in this post is for you!



Murphy and his mom have the sweetest relationship. She adopted him just a couple of short years ago, rescuing him from a family that severely neglected him (and family with money no less), which resulted in some pretty serious health issues for the little guy. The saddest part of the story is that Murphy is sick. Quite sick. His doctors are just trying to keep him comfortable for the rest of his short little life. Murphy is only 8. The good news is that he lives a wonderful life, and has been the central focus to his mom since he came home to live with her. Their relationship reminds me of, and in some ways, parallels that of mine and Fergie’s. I know how much he is deeply loved and I think he is a lucky little guy to have such a wonderful ‘second chance’ with such a loving human.


Even though Murphy is sick it doesn’t stop him from having a *great* time! 🙂



Murphy is a shadow-chaser. It was really hard to get this shot. I had to be aware of where his body was, what the composition of the frame would be, and move my hand in such a way that he would follow it, not to mention hold the camera, focus, expose and take a picture. But it was worth it because even though the shot is blurry, it’s totally ‘Murphy’. By the way- I only look like an alien wearing a headlamp in my shadows. I promise.


Looking across Elliott Bay to downtown Seattle. Swoon.



Murphy’s grandparents got him the *coolest* hooded sweatshirt. I don’t know if you can tell, but the orange patch on the back says ‘Murphy’.


That’s my hand, and that’s Murphy playing the game “you try to get the ball away from me first and *then* throw it”. He is ridiculously cute.


Great view of downtown? Check? Sweet shot of owner + dog at one of their favorite spots? Check. Incredible blue water and sky? Check. 10 times more amazing in person? Check. Sigh….. I love where I live.


Allison thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you and Murphy and Mr Jones. I feel honored that you chose me and am looking forward to seeing what we come up with for our art! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Murphy & Mr Jones

  1. My god. Jamie, you are so good at what you do. These are wonderful. Murphey looks like an amazing companion, and surely his mommy will be so happy to have these photos. (Such a sad story.)

  2. Wow – very nice Jamie!! I love the shots with the city in the background…love it love it. And yay for Murphy finding a loving Mommy to live out the rest of his life with. Dog really do rule.

  3. I’m about ready to pack my suitcases and head for Seattle after seeing all that heavenly blue! Love Mr. Murphy’s white whiskers and paws!

  4. Swoon worthy for sure! Oh Murphy is so lucky to have the love he is getting! And…Mr. Jones on the couch~beautiful! Go Jamie!

  5. lovely! were you shooting with the camera over your head in the photos were Murphy is walking? I can see your shadow. If that’s true, any particular reason why you shot that way?

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