I was just resizing the images on the workshops website and discovered, much to my shock, horror *and* delight, that there were 15 new emails in my admin account that I had never seen!! Apparently, instead of forwarding the form responses/inquiries from the workshops website to my regular email inbox, like I assumed would happen, they all just stayed on the server there, at the bottom of a page I never though to look at. Who knew?!

If you have sent us an email through the workshops website and have not heard back from us yet *I am so sorry!!*. I had no idea that was how it worked, and am now looking into why the form replies don’t send to my regular email. I can’t even download them and am not sure how to even reply. (Sometimes I wonder if technology is working FOR  me or AGAINST me) 😛

I will be going through the replies this week and getting back to workshops people (including those who replied through info@ or workshops@) and be sending passwords and fun stuff on registering. 

There are still spaces left in each city, and what is really funny is that the one that seems to have the highest demand right now is the city I haven’t even scheduled yet- Austin! SO, no promises, but it looks likely that Austin will happen in October- date TBD (whoopee).

I am just a few days away from getting the studio booked for the LA/OC workshop, and it looks about 95% likely it will be held at a photography studio in Venice Beach, just a few short blocks from the beach. I just need to get my butt in gear and finish the paperwork and insurance forms. To say I am excited would be a huge understatement. 

Lastly, I added several more *long* answers to the Q + A page of this blog, including one that may be really relevant to some folks debating attending a workshop given the economy and recession. It’s pretty timely and I think you’ll find it interesting, and hopefully helpful in deciding if my workshop is right for you.

Thank you everyone (friends, clients, fans, workshop attendees) for being so patient with me this year. I have been dealing with a major chronic illness since December that has made it gosh darn hard to run my business and do everything else life requires. With the help of some fabulous naturopaths and physicians I believe I am getting back on track and hope to be on the road to great health again here in the next month or so. I do plan to post on that topic specifically, to share my experiences and my illness with you all in the hopes that it might help just one person out there.

Because as my mom said to me today on the phone, “the most healing thing you can do is help others”. So true. I love you mom.

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6 thoughts on “Agh!!

  1. The Q&A was definitely a plus. Helped me solidify my reasons for wanting to pursue your workshop. I was probably one registration “lost” in the tech confusion. Looking forward to hearing from you. thanks for being so informative and sharing with the Q&A.

  2. Thank you, thank you, Jamie! The answers to the questions were VERY helpful, and not surprising at all. 😉 Unfortunately the recession/layoffs have hit too close to home here, as my husband and I are *both* currently unemployed. (Argh!) I think I need to focus on all of the people who are NOT in our situation when I think about my business possibilities. Thanks again!

  3. LOVE the q&a, particularly the recent ones. To sell or not to sell or how to price to sell digi negatives has been keeping me up at nights, as well as this whole recession thing. But I am in agreement with you – the time is now! Just like weddings and babies, services for pets will never go away. I’m using the current slowdown to gear up my business so that I’ll be at full speed when the economy picks up again. Thanks for sharing your knowledge – and I’m glad to hear you’re getting better!

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