(NEW!) Green Mission Statement

I have been working on a new Green Mission Statement (in my head anyway) for the past couple of months, and today while waiting anxiously to see if my new workshops website will be launched by tomorrow (fingers-crossed! It’s out of my hands now), I decided to try and turn my thoughts into words. It was actually easier than I had expected it to be.

Although I live in the tree-hugging Pacific Northwest, I am not a fanatical environmentalist. I AM, however, concerned about the environment and my impact on it. Garbage pains my heart and soul, entire species going extinct makes me wish I wasn’t human, people contributing to waste (in a variety of different ways) angers me, the loss of rainforests saddens me, and the thought that I am part of all of that makes me feel deeply ashamed.

Therefore, it is my goal with not just my personal life, but my business life as well, to live a conscious life in regards to my impact on the world, not just spiritually and philosophically, but literally as well. So, my friends, I bring you, my long-anticipated (by me anyway) Cowbelly Green Mission Statement.


I am so happy I was finally able to put everything into words and have a model for running my business in a more thoughtful and conservative way.

I encourage everyone to think about the impact their lives have on the planet we live on, and even if you can only make one small change per day, every little bit makes a difference. For photographers wondering how to improve the ‘green-friendliness’ of their business, hope on over to greenerphotography.org for ideas, and for everyone, take a look at carbonfund.org to see how you can make a difference.

13 thoughts on “(NEW!) Green Mission Statement

  1. Awe, I’m in love with Spike, what a cutie and love that smile. I also love that they are both rescue pups, I have a very special place in my heart for rescues. Great work as always.

  2. I think it’s great to put this down into words… I need to do it myself. And I’m definitely an environmentalist! I think sometimes I drive my husband batty with my recycling…

  3. Yeah Jamie and CowBelly Photography! Going green is such a great way to go. Or if you cant go completely green I think just being more aware of our carbon footprint is a great first step.

  4. @Li- it’s a tough decision- to ship from the studio and make everything look pretty first, and use more paper and more gas and create more waste, or to drop-ship in a boring white box with none of your special stuff included? millers lab has great boutique packaging that you can add-on for drop-ship orders but sadly it doesn’t fit my branding in any way. in an ideal world, i’d have my labs design my own packaging and use that for drop-ship orders, signing my thank-you cards for me and everything, lol. i think there has to be a happy medium. i still mail prints because they are small and easy to package and don’t take up much space on the delivery trucks. every day it’s a process and I will continue to find things that fit with my green mission!

  5. good for you! i was going through the conundrum of trying to decide whether to have custom orders go through me first or to drop-ship as many as possible. while i’d love to be able to personalize my products with pretty packaging and whatnot, it is an extra step in the process, and it’s not really green…i do reuse as much packaging as I can, especially cardboard!

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