RIP sweet Mattie: 1997(ish)-2009.

Mattie passed over the rainbow bridge yesterday, to go play with his friends in the great dogpark in the sky. He went peacefully, with his parents by his side. I know he will be deeply missed by those who loved him, and even though I spent just a short time with him, he touched me in a way I will never forget. I feel so honored to have been able to be there to capture his little spirit. Thank you so much Mattie’s parents for giving me this opportunity. Words can’t express…

A little story from our shoot. We started Mattie’s shoot at Discovery Park early last Sunday morning. It was very very cold that morning, and poor Mattie was shivering like crazy, even though we had him wrapped up in his favorite blanket with a heating pad when we weren’t taking pictures. I felt so bad for him I suggested we go to their house, which isn’t far away. At that point I learned that Mattie has two younger siblings- Kiki and Spike (you will meet them in an upcoming post), and that they were both shy/nervous with strangers.

Sure enough, when we got to the house and got inside, Kiki was too shy to come near me, and poor Spike was so afraid all he’d do was bark at me from afar (they are both rescued pups). I walked over and laid down on the living room floor, flat on my back, with arms outstretched, so they could come and sniff me without intimidation. Mattie immediately came over and sat down right next to me, his little body pressed up against my side, as if saying “she’s ok, she’s my buddy”. This expression of acceptance and love from a dog I had just met nearly brought me to tears. That is the kind of pooch Mattie was, and just one of the many reasons why I will never forget him.

Rest in peace sweet little one, rest in peace. 

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  1. *sniff* My thoughts are with sweet Mattie’s parents. It must be such a blessing to them that you were able to photograph him before he passed.

  2. I am close to tears. I am so sorry for Mattie’s mom and dad, but they have these beautiful photos of him to cherish forever. Hope Mattie is having fun frolicking somewhere in a big, warm park.

  3. i’m so sorry to hear about sweet mattie…such a heartwarming story and a testament to the kind of love and joy dogs bring into our lives unlike any other…

  4. I am so glad you were able to photograph him a beautiful dog. My deepest sympathies to the family I know he will be missed RIP dear sweet Mattie.

  5. Thank you Jamie for your kindness and your willingness to let your light and talent shine through. We cannot begin to explain the love, joy and spiritual teachings that our little luv bug, Mattie, has brought to us. He’s one in a million; and, to be able to have you capture his little spirit provides us with endless comfort and peace. Thank you. Also, thank you to everyone who has said such nice and kind words – Mattie is licking each of you with his gentle, yet sloppy, little kisses.

  6. Mattie is up there playing with my shih tzu Paco! Have so much fun Mattie and give Paco a kiss from me. Sending warm thoughts and hugs to Mattie’s parents.

  7. Oh Jamie…great story, how incredible an experience. Hugs to his sweet parents, and great work giving them photos that they will treasure always; the photos are awesome.

  8. As pet photographers, there is nothing more more flattering than when we are asked to capture memories of a pet that will be crossing the bridge soon. I remember the original post about Mattie and this one has me in tears as well.

    His parents will find comfort in the memories you captured and the photos that show him in the very best light.

    Well done!

  9. RIP Mattie.
    Stories like this remind me how truly important a photographer’s work is. Over the past several weeks, several friends (human, canine, and equine) have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The images I have of them will be constant reminders of our friendship and love.
    I’m sure Mattie’s parents will forever treasure the memories you could give them.

  10. It’s so sad to here about Mattie. My friend just lost her dog today as well and as I said to her, it’s like a little pocket of unconditional love just left this world. Mattie’s parents are so lucky to have these beautiful photos to keep her memory alive.

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