Fergie at home 50mm 1.8

Every busy pet photographer I network with wishes they had more time to photograph their own furry family members. It’s difficult to take time away from a busy schedule, business needs and client needs to ‘take work home with you’. I am trying however to make it a point to take regular photographs of my dearheart, like these shots I took recently experimenting with my flash and different lenses at night.

These were taken with my cheapo 50mm 1.8 lens, and Canon 580 EXII flash. Off-camera with the Canon off-shoe cord and Gary Fong Lightsphere II bounced off the ceiling. Flash exposure compensation was used to set the brightness of the flash. All auto settings on the flash because they do a pretty darn good job. 50mm f/1.8, 500 ISO, 1/125 sec. Oh, and they were all taken with shutter priority. Auto white balance which I had to tweak a little bit in LR2 as it was too warm. A new fave on the right.

These were taken with the 24-70mm 2.8 L, at f/2.8, 500 ISO. Left shot: 48mm, 1/125 sec; right shot: 70mm, 1/200 sec. Note the before and after drool, induced by Fergie’s favorite: pepperidge farm parmesan goldfish crackers.

Fergie eating her Kong on her bed. Used the 70-200mm f/4 IS L telephoto lens for this one. 176mm, f/4.0, 1/200 sec.

These were also taken with the 70-200mm lens. She was begging me to throw her green rubber ball in these shots. I think she’s a little irritated with me in the one on the right, lol. Both shots: 200mm, f/4.0, 1/200 sec.

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  1. OK, I’ll shut up, but you did say you were going to get a $6,500 1DS Mk3, so I was trying to *save* you money. 5D Mk2 is much more sensible…but it still has AF slower than an asthmatic tortoise. I honestly don’t care about brands – I’d buy a Samsung camera if it worked better. I’m just about which tool gets the job done, and Nikon is kicking Canon’s a** again after 5 years of vice versa. Happy deleting!

  2. @Simon, you are telling me things I already know! I know the Nikon has a better autofocus than Canon, and I know that the middle focus point on the Canon is the most powerful. I have tried the middle focus with the 50mm 1.8, trust me. It’s not just an indication of Canon’s bad autofocus, it’s also due to the fact that my specific camera is on it’s last legs and needs to be serviced. The focusing has been getting worse over time. I am also totally NOT a brand loyalist as I mentioned on my Q & A page. I don’t have anything against switching to Nikon, anything except of course the 7-8K it would cost me to replace all of my lenses and body and, well, everything. I know I need to upgrade this year, but decided that the 5D Mark II is actually the best camera for MY specific needs. I never mention my photography style and process on my blog, because it’s somewhat of a trade secret, but after playing with the 5D Mark II I realize it would be close to perfect. Perfect FOR ME and how I shoot. Now, if anyone wants to send me a check for $8,000, I’ll gladly get the Nikon D700 and replace all of my Canon lenses! No problem at all with that. Ok, no more Canon Vs. Nikon arguments, I call mercy! I love them both! Canon and Nikon users UNITE! 🙂

  3. I love these !!!! Fergie is a great model I love all her expressions. How I love my 50 I use it to death along with my 35-70 f2.8 and my 90 f2.8.

  4. Jamie it’s not the lens that’s impossible to focus, it’s the inaccurate outer-points on the 5D’s AF. They are notorious for it. Centre-point works much better, right? Refer to my comments about Canon v Nikon AF in “You’ve got questions…” You could have more accurate AF and many more AF points (spread much wider) with a D700/D3. Oh, and it can follow moving subjects, too 😉

  5. thanks all! I too love the 50mm 1.8 shots the most, but that darn lens is almost impossible to focus. The autofocus is nearly worthless, which means I am looking through the viewfinder hunting for the perfect spot to focus on. If holding an off-camera flash at the same time it can get quite cumbersome. I also wish it had a much shorter minimum focusing distance. But I am making it a point to use it more often, and pulled it out during Matties’s shoot (some of his shots above are with the 50mm). And yes Terrah, you are so right about time with our pups being precious. There are no second chances! It’s so important to photograph them while they are young and healthy.

  6. i love fergie!!! i know i’m probably biased because she does remind me of my girls – but she is just beautiful. thanks for sharing your settings – it’s always helpful to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

  7. I love the first two.

    Yes, please try and take time to capture her sweet face, because what I realized sometimes there isn’t a tomorrow and there weren’t enough photos taken through the years. Times you will want to remember.
    She has such a sweet face. She has one of those faces where I bet she gets anything she wants.

  8. i have the 50mm 1.8 – i LOVE this lens! i like those shots with the 50 of fergie best! of course the others are great also! 🙂

  9. What a poser! She is such a great dog for a photographer…so many funny expressions. My favourites are the cheapo 50mm ones. How about a 50mm only shoot sometime?! I dare you.

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