Payton and Maddox

Payton and Maddox’s images, processed to look as misty as the day was wet. This processing kind of reminds me of what my car windows look like on the inside when it’s really damp out. It (the processing) is also an allusion to an upcoming post. Anyone want to guess what it is? Woohoo, I love surprises! Enjoy the pups in all of their weimeraner and golden glory.

Payton. Girl.

Maddox. Boy.

for the LR/ACR bridge users: here is what I did: increase exposure (+65 to +86), blacks between 4-9, contrast +100, clarity -50, and saturation -36 to -54. Then sharpened in Noise Ninja in PSCS3.

I love the stuck lip look. A personal fave for sure.

I really don’t know why, but I love these next two images. FYI: the dog in the front on the left is another weimeraner. A super crazy boy that was even more energetic than Payton. Reminded me of my buddy Cooper.

Payton and Maddox’s shoot was done at Marymoor Park, a huge beautiful off-leash dog park located in Redmond WA (home of Microsoft). Marymoor is really the only off-leash area that is suitable for shoots at this time of year; all of the dog parks in Seattle are mudbaths or nothing but brown and ugly. Marymoor even looks good in the rain. 🙂

Also, before I forget to ask- would somebody PLEASE explain to me why a damp cold is SO MUCH COLDER than a dry cold???

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10 thoughts on “Payton and Maddox

  1. My guess as to the upcomming post – post processing using “Actions”, lightroom vs. ACR Bridge or your favorite Actions?

  2. I think these are my fave of yours for all time. LOVE the feeling in these with your processing and the dampness that is so visible. Especially love the ones with the water. ABSOLUTELY. GREAT. JOB.

  3. hi jamie!
    oh i love these shots! i feel like i was there! the last one is wonderful. you can see the bond they have.
    i am so excited to tell you that i just signed up to be a vendor at the seattle pug party on may 9th this year. i know you had so much fun last year and took so many wonderful photos. i hope i get to meet you in person!

  4. I love these, they are both gorgeous dogs! By the way, here’s something I found on wet cold versus dry cold 😛

    “I know many who have experienced cold stress, especially those of you on the Prairies, may take exception to this, but the assumption that dry cold is better than damp cold is largely a myth. Soldiers exposed to severe cold in climate controlled cold chambers did not find damp cold any more penetrating than dry cold, and if you consider the physics of heat transfer, the differences between the two are negligible. But why then do the majority of Canadians prefer dry cold to damp cold? One’s perception of comfort or discomfort while exposed to cold air depends on several factors but let’s just consider the weather conditions. Cold, dry days have usually sunny skies, high pressure and light winds – weather that is much more pleasing than overcast skies and shivering wind chill. Also soaking up sun’s rays only adds to your comfort. So there’s good reason to believe that you’ll be more comfortable in a dry cold than humid cold, but it’s not because of the difference in humidity. Of course, all this assumes one is not perspiring, his or her clothes are dry and it’s not raining.”

    Interesting, because I always thought damp cold was colder too! But I guess it makes sense.

  5. Love The Processing With These Images. Favorite Picture is the third one, Maddox looking back almost deciding if he was going to take the plunge into the water…..Of course he is! He’s a golden 🙂

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