g1 vs. Blackberry vs. iPhone

Those who are friends with me on facebook know that I lost my blackberry recently. Some may even recall that I cried. Yep, sobbed on my living room floor like I had lost a puppy. My blackberry really is my crackberry: I have all of my email accounts on my phone, saved text messages over time, including one from a friend in New Orleans who was at a bar covered in dog photos and thought of me, all of my contacts (not backed up mind you- yes, very bad) are/were on that SIM card, so yes, I bawled like a baby.

I waited a couple of days to see if it would turn up, then went to the T-Mobile store in Wallingford to get a new one. I had pretty much decided on the g1 (google phone), then changed my mind and bought the exact same blackberry I had just lost, but in a different color (to the tune of $285, sigh….). I put my desire for a gphone on the shelf and decided to wait. So now I am debating over waiting until the next incarnation of the gphone comes out, or to go with the iPhone, which, incidentally would cost me $130 per month for the same service I now get through T-mobile for $65 (yikes!). 

This is where you guys come in. I asked my FB friends what they thought I should get and it started a firestorm of controversy. Man are people passionate about their phones and service providers!!

What do you guys think I should get? What do you have? What do you like about it and what don’t you like? What do you pay per month for minutes + data? Thanks so much for your advice!

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  1. You need to go to an apple store to play with the lack of hard keyboard on the iphone. If it works for you (and it does take some practice), I’d recommend getting the iphone. With the software that is available (and more on the way), the iphone is becoming an entirely new photography genre. Just think, a camera with a computer screen and photoshop built in. It’s really amazing. I’ll be posting an article on my blog in the next couple days with a bunch of photos taken and edited entirely on the phone.

  2. thank you all so very much. this information is greatly appreciated. it taught me some things I didn’t know before, and helped confirm some things I already knew. did it help me make my decision? not yet, but it will put me on a path of discovery so that I CAN make the right decision. gees, I sound like I am talking about some major life change, not just a phone! ha ha

  3. I don’t feel so sorry for myself for my beloved Product (Red) Bono shades getting broken in half now. My dog’s dashing for a cat slammed me into a mound of grass at warp speed. But phones. Want the iPhone, cuz I love anything Apple. But ouch on the plan price. I’ll have to check into the Edge network. I dig the name ; ) Good luck on deciding!

  4. I am an avid user of apple products, and no, not because they are trendy. Believe me in 1994 when I got my first mac computer it was ANYTHING but hip, just trying to print papers at school on PC’s was enough of a nightmare to make me swear off apple forever. BUT I am a dedicated mac product user because they are superior products. As an artist there is no better machine for processing massive amounts of images, video and audio files. With that said I have an Iphone and I love it. It’s never ever failed me. I could go on and on about features, apps, design, etc. but the bottom line is that’s what works for me. I sync it with my powerbook once a day and my calender, contacts, emails, GPS, internet and a myriad of other delights and necessities are with me wherever I go. Oh and it’s also an ipod, so it goes to the gym with me, entertains me on the plane etc. One of best thing about apple products is that they update themselves when you sync (so you always have the most recent software) and you know that when you’re ready for a new one, the next generation will be much improved but no more expensive. SO that’s my bit on the phone debate… The G1 sounds really cool but it doesn’t fit with my crazy life quite as perfectly as my Iphone 🙂 And blackberry? Not for me… I can’t ever work them properly 🙂

  5. I have an iPhone & love it in a very unhealthy way. I love being able to have all my music right there & my favorite radio morning show has an app so I can listen to it live even when I get to work or I can dl the podcast right on my phone if I miss it. Keeps me entertained during long car rides. I love the google earth & facebook apps. And the Maps app saved my ass on the drive home on Sunday when I got lost… it finds your location & you type your destination so it works just like a gps. So nice for the directionally challenged, like myself. I’d never give it up now. I pay $88/month.

  6. Since I refuse to touch anything made by Apple, I have no use for the iphone. But a co-worker of mine is a slave to the trends & jumped all over ‘i-stuff’. I’ve seen some of what it offers, pretty slick, but not slick enough to make me empty my wallet.

    I researched & waited for the G1. I have to say, I love EVERYTHING about it. It’s like have a computer (I went to it from a HTC PocketPC), the OS is as intuitive as can be. I’m wishing Google would convert Android to a desktop/laptop OS. It’s bigger/heavier but when you hold it, you’re not afraid it’s going to break. I have the rubber skin on mine, & it feels solid, like it could double as a weapon against an assailant, hehehe. The battery doesn’t hold out a real long time, but it hasn’t been a problem for me. When I’m at work, it’s plugged into my computer (& charging) for media sync. When I’m in the truck, it’s plugged in (& charging) for playing tunes thru the truck stereo. When I’m out & about it lasts just fine. Also, I’ve seen extended batteries for sale now. As for sound, the speaker does fine, but plug in the headphones, or connect thru the car stereo & it sounds incredible.

    And applications… Apps for flikr, picasa, etc. are all over the place. iphone’s facebook app has been ported, etc. These days I notice about a dozen new apps in the marketplace every day. And so far, about 95% of them are free to download.

    My gripes on the G1, are almost nill. The camera needs a lot of work. Without a flash, photos taken inside or in the dark are really bad. But photos taken outside in the light, are actually pretty decent, once you get the hang of the camera. The GPS can take a minute to lock in on your position sometimes. When you first start it up, it might show you a mile away or so, but just let it sit for like 30 seconds & look again.

    As for the Blackberry, my wife has the new pearl flip. We moved to T-mobile from verizon, so that I can get my G1. She didn’t want the big phone like mine, & didn’t need all the internet functionality that I wanted. She’s liking it more & more, but she’s also liking my G1 the more she plays with it. Since she’s not really technical, I have to figure out how to do anything/everything on her phone. I’m an IT & I have a difficult time figuring out how to setup stuff on her blackberry. On the G1, all settings are right where you’d expect them to be, in one place, all together.

    Food for thought, hope it helps…

  7. I’m thrilled with my iPhone. It is completely intuitive which means a lot to me. My rule on just about any device is that if I can’t pick it up and use it without having to read the manual first, I don’t want it. Then I’ll go to the manual for the more in depth look as I need to.

    I use my Mobile Me account to keep all my contacts and such in sync across five different machines, so when I lost (actually dropped in water while plugged into the charger) my original iPhone, I didn’t loose a lot of important info.

    I’ve had other similar phones, but none of them really worked out as well.

  8. wow chung, thank you sooo much. you echoed some things I have read before, and gave me some info i didn’t know. the google maps feature where you can view the street and scroll from side to side is super duper tempting for traveling to new cities and i imagine could save one loads of time. but yeah, the G1 is uuuugly. wow, could they make it more ugly? i’d get the white if I got one, the black one looks like a tank. total boy phone, ha. the iphone is super sleek and pretty, and would be great for this dedicated mac user. decisions, decisions.

  9. I used to have the iPhone (pre-3G). I don’t really like some its quirks and typing was a pain. Overall, it was a huge improvement over my Razr, but that doesn’t say much. * Now, I have the G1 (first-gen). Since I’m a Google whore (Gmail, Maps, Search), it works BEAUTIFULLY. And, somehow, my $6/month internet plan (with the Edge network) gives me 3G internet on the G1. Go figure!!! (So my phone plan is around $40 a month. Don’t tell T-Mobile!) Oh, it has GPS which works a little too well. And the keyboard is so very awesome. I just love the phone. * Drawbacks: a little bigger, not as sexy as the iPhone (if you’re into that sort of thing), and battery life is “eh.” * Those, my friend, are my two cents. Enjoy. (:

  10. thanks jackie! I feel dumb that I didn’t even think to look into the apps that you can get for the iphone. i know the gphone is open source which will mean an unlimited number of apps and totally customizable once individual developers get on a roll. i’ll look into the iphone apps too.

  11. I’ve never had any experience with the G1 or Blackberry, but I do know that with the iphone you can get some apps for photographers — probably more since I last checked, but they did have something to tell you about the weather, time the sun will rise/set, etc. May want to look into that if you could use that sort of thing.

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