New ‘Dual key’ images

Wow, 8 days since I posted last. Sorry about that! I have been having a very busy, interesting, crazy personal life this year. Behind on work too, so the blog sadly has taken a backseat. I don’t have time yet to do a full post, but I figured sharing a few images with you guys would be better than none at all, so here are a few I designed recently.

I have no idea what to call these infrared-like images, so I am calling them ‘Dual Key’ because they aren’t high-key and have too much white to be low-key, and are pretty much mainly black and white tones (meaning: little grey or midtones). FYI: doing this processing pretty much destroys the quality of the image, producing massive noise, so I’m not sure I would print a dual key processed shot, but I still find them interesting to look at. 




Apollo, Ethel.

Apollo, normally a redhead. 

I love Apollo’s collar in blue, but it looks seriously punk rock in black. And we all know how I love punk rock! Random fact: Social Distortion was the band that changed my life when I was 14. You?

More images to come soon! Hope everyone’s 2009 is going well unlike, sadly, many people I know! Seems as if there is something weird in the air. The recession perhaps? 🙁

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  1. I definitely think there’s something weird in the air.. I’m waiting for it to pass. Gorgeous dual-key images by the way 🙂

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