We’re on facebook + this little blog is rated G!

If you like facebook as much as we do you’ll want to connect with us on the super addictive site. Please note this is our (Fergie and my) personal page, so you will get more personal information, see photos not posted on the blog, and get inside info on what’s going on in our lives. I try to keep our facebook page pg13, but admittedly have a bit of a truck driver mouth (shocking I know given the lack of colorful language on this blog- trust me when I say I have to work hard to keep it clean!), so just be forewarned that it might not be best for little kids! 🙂

Note of interest: our little Cowbelly blog is rated G, so it’s approved for all ages, yay!

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And now, to our facebook page!

Jamie Pflughoeft's Facebook profile

Go there to check out new images of Fergie in the snow. 

Also, if you want to go really crazy, Cowbelly has a fan page as well. Friends, fans, clients, and dog and cat photography lovers unite. A place to shoot, share, brag and get updates on all things Cowbelly. Feel free to post pet events, reviews of pet friendly establishments, chat with your friends, etc, etc.

Cowbelly Facebook Fan Page

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2 thoughts on “We’re on facebook + this little blog is rated G!

  1. I feel your pain Jamie 😉 I know its bad when I type said words and don’t even know I’m doing it. Then I go back and am shocked at myself. Maybe it will be my New Year’s Resolution (again).

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