Henry and Gracie in the studio

Some experimenting with natural light in the studio a couple of weeks ago. And it was natural light only because the studio lights I rented did nothing to illuminate the voluminous space. Oh and uh, I broke one of them. More on that in a later post, lol.

Gracie. She is so pretty.

Gracie and her favorite toy.

Gracie’s brother Henry, who is also handsome from the front as you will see in a moment.

Froggy legs!

I have NO idea what I am doing in the studio. The whole concept baffles me, and I’m not totally sold on the idea, but I have a little bit more experimenting to do before writing it off entirely. Here I had some weird color balance issues, which you can see in the next pair, which I actually think are a bit of a happy accident color-wise (FYI: the seamless paper was a deep smoky blue). 

Oh Henry you are so handsome. Not as handsome as Frank, but close. 🙂

More studio shots soon. Hope everyone is staying warm out there! Fergie is LOVING our snow!

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4 thoughts on “Henry and Gracie in the studio

  1. jamie, i just did my first studio session last week. I had my photographer friend help with the lights and I really enjoyed it. Now must buy studio lights in 2009.

  2. Jamie, Two goldies in the studio could not have been easy, but you did great!
    I love the frog legs…my boy does that and it is hysterical. I have never had a dog that lay that way before…..
    I really like the second one of Gracie!

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