12/5/08 print order

I pulled my first all-nighter of the season on Friday night. I had a meeting with a client today (Boo’s daddy) and when I mentioned that to him he asked “how in the world do you do that?”. I told him that if I drink one cup of regular coffee in the afternoon it will keep me up all night, which was the case on Friday. I am *very* sensitive to caffeine. This morning it was black tea only so I can get some sleep tonight. Also, I am nocturnal by nature so I don’t mind staying up late at all. I actually kind of enjoy being awake when 95% of the rest of the city is sleeping. There is a weird peace to it. Plus I have been super duper productive this weekend at the studio. Which is a good thing given my current workload.

What was I working on all night you ask? Print orders. 36 prints total (from 31 images), all below. Took me all night because I was in a perfectionist mood. 🙂

The dogs are: Loodie and Max, Sammy the pug, Sanger from Sonoma, Ruby and Buster Brown from Sonoma, Zoe & Peanut, and one of Apollo for my office. 

Hope my clients like their prints! Whee… 

Tomorrow I’ll share some new art proofs I designed today, including of darling Yukon. Uh-dorable. 

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6 thoughts on “12/5/08 print order

  1. aww! i love them all — but little sammy coming out of those flowers is so eye-catching. of course all your clients will loooove their prints!

  2. i think i picked a nice assortment of sanger, don’t you? i think the real surprises will be how nice sanger-67 and sanger-90 are going to look framed. 🙂

    she’s doing much better by the way. gave her mom a real good scare and an $800 vet bill. but she’s back to her normal self!

    thanks for sharing jamie! 🙂 sorry it kept you up all night though! 🙁

  3. omg… sammy and his mom… those make me smile so much. a bit of watery-eye-ness going on when i look at them… but priceless, i love them.

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