more archives- original b-w digital images

This is a follow up to my post from a couple of days ago on my original black and white film photographs. When I made the switch from film to digital for the first year or two I was still all about black and white dog photography. There is a different part of my brain that I use for shooting in black and white, and even now I know when I take the shot if I want to see it in black and white. (FYI: I now shoot exclusively in color and exclusively in RAW, then convert to black and white in Lightroom). It’s all about lines and contrast and simplicity for black and white images. Sometimes I miss the black and white shots my old Fuji digital used to take- I swear they were better than anything I can reproduce with software.

All shots taken with my old Fuji prosumer digital camera between 2003-2005. Mostly wide angle cause wide angle rulz. Yes I said rulz. 

The shot that was on my homepage for years. That’s Henry the bulldog. I was his dogwalker. I love Henry very much. 

Hope you enjoyed all of my original film and digital black and whites! 🙂


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