2009 workshops dates and locations update

Check out the workshops page for new updates. Also added are nearby cities I plan to travel to for private client shoots. Will also be available in select workshop cities for private client shoots depending on scheduling. I will be designing an entirely new workshops website with testimonials before years-end but I have a few things I need to get done before then. 😉

If you have contacted me about coming to photograph your pooch during my traveling roadshow rest assured I am doing my best to meet everyone’s needs. And a huge thank you to those who are willing to travel 3-9 hours (!) to do a session with me. You guys are the best. The very best. 🙂

5 thoughts on “2009 workshops dates and locations update

  1. Im with Tracy. You can travel the continental U.S and beyond teaching pet photography workshops. But you can only come to Florida for vacation purposes. And of course seeing Tracy and me :).

  2. If you ever make it to Florida… and I’m torn… I’d love to see you but I also don’t want to share with potential competition… then you can always borrow my pups. All three would have a great time!! : )

  3. if you need a fiesty maltese or two pugs who adore you for the chicago workshops, you let us know. the pug’s grandma would let you try taming her wild 5 pound fur-kid if you’re bored of the pugs… 😉

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