Boo sneak peek

Boo. I year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Very playful, super sweet, 100% adorable. 

These two shots were begging to be converted to black and white. 

I love Boo’s swishy ears and tail. 

We did the first half of Boo’s shoot on Highland Drive, then the second half at her home on the North End of Queen Anne. I feel so lucky that Boo lives in my hood! It just increases the likelihood that I’ll see the cute girl again. 

She was soooo tired when we got home. She had been at her breeder’s all week playing with her brothers and sisters and had a bath that morning and was beat. She took a quick 30 second cat nap then was up and at em again. 

A fave on the right below. 

Boo loves to sit in the doorway and watch the world go by. Love her. 

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! My family and I decided to make it easy this year- delicious take out from Pasta & Co, a pre-cooked ham and a yummy marionberry pie from Metropolitan Market made for a hassle-free, relaxing dinner, with NO cooking involved! We even had a leftover bottle of french cider that had been in my fridge for months (unopened of course). This was the first time nobody cooked, and I think we started a trend, as we were all raving about how awesome it was to just relax. We even had energy to play Yahtzee. (My mom won by 2 points! Go mom!)

Back to work with me now, as you can imagine I have my hands full! Happy Saturday. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Boo sneak peek

  1. I am a photographer myself and I am a blog stalker of yours, my husband as well. He and I love reading your posts. You give animals such personality and not to mention the cuteness and the hilarity. We love our dog Jodi, she’s a really really chubby jack russell. She loves watching Spanish soaps and the animal planet, it’s fun for us to see there are other dogs who are little persons like our Jodi!

  2. My mom’s Cavalier is the same coloring, and very swishy, too. Love the colors…especially the green on Boo’s owner’s walls!! Pretty! That paw shot is really, really cool.

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