Sonoma Valley sneak-peek: Max the Bernese

Meet Max. Max was photographed at the peak of midday sunshine- in very hot weather, but he was a trooper and even though we were photographing in mixed shade and sun (a black and white dog no less!) he gave me some really funny looks that resulted in some funny shots. I laughed out loud when I went through his images for the first time and they still make me giggle.

We did Max’s shoot on this cool road path thing through the vineyards and countryside in Santa Rosa. Thanks Daniella for helping with the location! 

Tell me Max doesn’t look like a big bear in this next shot. It’s blurry but I still love it. 

Close (L). Closer (R).

Puppy teeth!! I LOVE his teeth and little lip in this shot. 

I have one more California client to share- Ruby the sleek supermodel greyhound and her brother Buster Brown the basset hound. I will post them tomorrow (sorry, running behind already!). Also, all of the Sonoma/Napa galleries will be going online tomorrow for my CA clients, whoopee!

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13 thoughts on “Sonoma Valley sneak-peek: Max the Bernese

  1. Oh my WORD! This boy has the GREATEST faces! He really does look like a great big teddy bear. Oh, so snuggly! In the very last image (which is probably my fave), he looks like he could be a cartoon character! LOVE!

  2. I am totally loving the big bear. He does look like a big ball of fur and seems totally gentle. Big dogs are really just big babies! I want to reach out and pet that cutie.

  3. Beautiful shots Jamie and gorgeous dog…the last two make me want to run out and get one….
    What a fantastic breed…our next door neighbor had a beauty named Duchess. I miss her….she exemplified the breed beautifully.
    He must give his family the utmost joy.
    Can’t wait to see Ruby and Buster Brown!

  4. I LOVE MAX. I love the Bernese breed. Such great dogs, such great expressions and your right totally bear. I love how you capture his eyes every time. How do you do that? You rock!

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