Sonoma Valley sneak-peek: Sanger

And this darling girl is Sanger. Photographed at Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa. It reminds me of Greenlake in Seattle only much, much prettier. It was a photographer’s dream.

The water really was that dark navy blue color, reflecting the color of the sky. It was stunning. 

I have had a lot of clients request shots of them and their dogs together lately. I am happy to oblige as long as they aren’t the cheesy ‘pose and smile’ shots (blech). This one definitely qualifies as a sweet, candid moment between mom and furry daughter. I don’t know if you can tell but Sarah is kissing Sanger on her head in this shot, and Sanger is loving every minute of it, just curled into her. Awww…

There was this incredible dock at Spring Lake. I of course had to get a shot of them on it. 

I’m not really sure why, but I love this next pair of shots.

How cute is Sanger? 

Tomorrow’s posts will be Max the Bernese Mountain Dog in Sonoma and Ruby and Buster Brown in Napa Valley.

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10 thoughts on “Sonoma Valley sneak-peek: Sanger

  1. Oh these are so great! I can’t WAIT to see the bernese mountain dog shots, I love love love that breed!!

  2. Sanger’s mom has super cute shoes! These are beautiful photos. I just love your blog, it continues to inspire me to become a better photographer. By the way, I hope I get to come to a workshop sometime! 🙂 If you have one anywhere in my neck of the woods, I’m there!

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