November + holiday 2008 schedule update

I am on vacation now (I swear I am!) but wanted to do a quick post on my schedule. My November shoots and art schedule is filling up unsettlingly fast, with Christina booking clients for me while I am gone. (From Friday through Monday we got no fewer than 7 new requests for shoots and art! yowza). I also don’t know if I mentioned this but November 14th-16th I will be on Mt Rainier photographing a backcountry snowboarding trip for the Seattle Times. I have a good girlfriend who is a travel writer for the Times and she volunteered me to do the photography. When she asked me I was interested in doing it I was like “UH, yeah-uh”. Are you kidding? Get paid to do the two things I love most in the world AT THE SAME TIME?! Although it’s nearly impossible for me to get away for a weekend at this time of the year, this is one opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

So that nixes one precious weekend in November- the busiest month of the year for Cowbelly. Which leaves me with *I think* just a couple weekend days still open to do holiday shoots. 

So if you are reading this and you are planning on working with me for a holiday gift this year or would like to squeeze in a shoot before year’s end, please contact Christina THIS WEEK! I anticipate by week’s-end I will be fully booked for the rest of the year. At that point I will be referring holiday work out to one of my many talented colleagues.

Oh and, after reading Grace’s comment about SF in January I checked out the average temps for SF, Marin County and Tiburon specifically (the locations I need to come back to) and wow, it IS awful! So no trip in January. Maybe November, but it’s a *big* maybe (see above).

Oh and, gosh darn it about the projected showers in Seattle this weekend. (And Sonoma Valley AND SF!). I have shoots booked on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Seattle and I thought that I could maybe reschedule them due to Seattle rain and stay in California for two extra days and do the commercial job, but alas- RAIN everywhere, wahhhh!

Oh well, I will be returning to Seattle on Friday, and will do the shoots this weekend and will make it work just as I always do. It hasn’t stopped me in my 5+ years of doing this and it won’t stop me now. Yucky weather be damned! 🙂 

And on the topic of holiday work lest you think I forgot about the ‘you know me‘ post where I ask people to tell me about themselves, and promised to select a winner of a pack of holiday greeting cards, I have not forgotten! Sometime close to Thanksgiving I will select a winner. I will also leave my comments on the replies I haven’t replied to yet if that makes any sense. 

Lastly, I will be taking 2-3 weeks off following Christmas, from 12/23-1/14 or so, so plan for that as well. You can expect things to be very quiet on this blog for awhile following the holidays. 

Is there anyone else besides me who is shocked that we are nearing the end of 2008? Where does the time go?!

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  1. I thought of your winter trip to SF when I was listening to Counting Crows the other day…
    “Well it was cold when I awoke

    and the day was halfway done

    Nearly spring in San Francisco

    but I cannot feel the sun”
    First frost of the winter here in Yorkshire today. Brrrrr.

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