in Cali

I’m in Sonoma Valley now, nearing bedtime at the end of a long day of shooting. It is absolutely beautiful here, and hot! 85 degrees today and expected to stay this way until next weekend. The weather could not be more gorgeous.

I had three awesome shoots today with some really great clients and their really great dogs, and although not ready to do sneak-peeks of any of the dog shots, wanted to share with you one ‘environmental’ shot from each location. 

Tomorrow is more shooting- some for editorial and one more private client. And some for myself!

BTW: for those who wanted to meet up with me in SF on this trip- whether client or friend or colleague, who weren’t able to due to my time constraints and their schedule, it looks good that I will be coming back down to the bay area in January to do some commercial photography and several private client shoots in/near Marin County and San Francisco. I have no idea what the weather is like at that time of year but hopefully it will be good! I LOVE San Francisco so I am happy to come down.

Hope everyone’s weekends are going great, wherever you are, and before I completely unplug on Sunday night I will try and schedule some posts for you to enjoy next week!

Sanger’s shoot location this morning. Can you say WOW? 🙂

Max’s shoot location. The most fennel I have ever seen growing in one place ever. The air was scented with the stuff. Yumm.

Heaven’s shoot location in her very own vineyards. 

Happy weekend!

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7 thoughts on “in Cali

  1. jamie you realize what a TEASE you are at this very moment? i am so so so excited to see these photos. you are amazing and sanger and i had such a great time. i have such awesome memories of this day, thanks again!

    sarah & sanger

  2. Those locations are to die for! Can’t wait to see the doggie photos. BTW — January in San Francisco is horrendous. The winters are terribly rainy and disgusting. Hopefully you’ll be able to shoot indoors!

  3. OH EM Gee!!
    You have to absolutely be in heaven right now… on vacay AND shooting dogs in such amazing locations!
    You go!!!

  4. SF is by far my favorite city in the US…
    Have a great time exploring. Can’t wait to see your beautiful shots and those beautiful dogs.

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