Bailey finally gets her shoot

You guys remember Bailey and her mom Kathy? The ones whose shoot was rescheduled so many times over the past year due to weather I was beginning to think it might never happen? 

Well guess what. We finally did it! Yay!!

And aside from a little issue which almost got us kicked out of the park (Kathy this will be our little secret) it went great. No sunny skies but the light was perfect for this pure white girl and enabled me to get some really interesting photographs of her fur, which I personally find fascinating. Here are a few of my favorites from our session.

Her fur is magical.

Not normally a fan of shooting straight down on a dog, but these shots make me giggle.

Bailey has the softest belly.

Two new all-time faves below. Bailey is all girl.

Super busy this week trying to wrap things up with current clients and get ready for the upcoming trip to California, but Christina and I have already started implementing some of our changes and things are going great! It’s so cool to know I can run around like a chicken with my head cut off and I’ve got someone in the studio taking care of business. And I can see the benefits for all involved, which is well, just awesome.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Bailey finally gets her shoot

  1. Bailey is so beautiful I love her long fur and her pink collar- Great job capturing that Jamie. I think I know what story you are talking about as far as getting kicked out of the park…Too funny! Have fun in California.

  2. Wow, look at all that hair! I used to be a doggy bather, and I’m just thinking about the tangles I would have to comb out! I like it when they walk with long hair though, they look like their floating. haha!

  3. OH! She is darling! And I love the straight down ones with her long crazy fur! And I love the ones on the rocks… they make her look so tiny! And I love her collar charm! And her feetsies! And her grin!
    I’m such a sucker for furrie faces! : )

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