Gunner Greenlake sneak-peek

I am loving the fall dog sessions! Fall is my favorite time of year, both in general and for photographing dogs outdoors in parks. Especially goldens, I think because their golden fur creates such a nice look with the golden sunshine and foliage.

It’s pretty cool that we can get shots like these in the middle of the city.

The subtitle to this post should be “Gunner and his stick”.

You see, I gave Gunner this stick at the beginning of our shoot, and he decided it was his favorite thing ever in the history of favorite things. Through the entire shoot he cracked his mom and I up with his stick antics. We tried hiding it, we tried taking it away, we tried distracting him, and he wasn’t having any of it it. Gunner is awesome. 

Nicole this next one is for you because I know how much you love black and whites. 🙂

Hope everyone is having an awesome fall. It’s gorgeous in Seattle! 

10 thoughts on “Gunner Greenlake sneak-peek

  1. oh i love these. just something about goldens that makes my heart melt. just the sweetest looks, as if you could talk to them for hours and they’d listen 🙂 and the one with him and his mom hugging in b&w? love it!

  2. Aren’t Goldens just dreamy to photograph? These shots are so beautiful…I agree with Pam, where was this weather during our workshop??? BTW, got my CD…thanks!

  3. Oh, Jamie, you know I have to agree with all of those sentiments; I love shooting my golden kids in the afternoon light. Gunner is a gorgeous golden. You captured him beautifully.

  4. Where was that weather when I was there???? Ok, you have to understand now why I think Goldens are the BEST BEST BEST dogs ever.

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