2009 Workshops update!!

I have been spending the morning crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s in final preparations for Workshop II next weekend, and have updated my little excel spreadsheet with names and cities for 2009 Workshops. If you have sent me an email requesting 2009 locations and I haven’t replied yet, I will be doing that today!

2009 workshops are now called the Cowbelly Traveling Roadshow (thanks for the name Wendy!) and I have a list of target cities that I have been compiling over the past few months based on demand. As of the last two weeks I now have a very good idea of what the upcoming year looks like but am still totally open to input! I am about 85% sure of the cities, but can be swayed to go in different directions, by YOU my lovely blog followers.

If you are interested in attending the Traveling Roadshow next year, please check out the newly updated workshops page of this blog for the target cities list and dates, and then send me an email to say “yes, come to my city!” or “no! come here instead!”. I am taking ALL requests into consideration and listening to every single request I receive. I am here for the people! 🙂

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