SO sorry facebook friends!

I am sick in bed today, after being dragged down by a cold/flu thing the past 5 days (I have finally succumbed). Like I always do when I get sick and can’t send one more email or edit one more photo, I log onto facebook and check out what my friends are doing.

I was shocked to see a couple of handfuls of new friend requests that I wasn’t aware of, and even a couple of emails from old, old friends, that I had no idea were there, including from a few folks who follow this blog. Some of which were months old!

I am SO sorry I swear I wasn’t ignoring you!! My poor friend Zig who I worked at Mt. Hood with 13 years ago thought I was just giving him the cold shoulder after sending me a message in August that I never replied to. I missed getting to see him on a trip he took out west, arrgghh. 

Apparently I didn’t have any of my notifications set on facebook, so had no way of knowing about anything new.

Even though I have a love-hate relationship with facebook after being a former friendster addict (who has time to spend all day on these things, really??- I have NO time!!), I AM trying to get better at saying hi to my friends and connnect with people.

So much so that I started a new group with the most original and creative name- Cowbelly Pet Photography. Genius name isn’t it? 😉

The group is open to anyone to join. My hope is that it will be a place where people can show off photos they have taken, give updates on their businesses or lives or pets, ask questions about photography or dog care, and just generally say hi and network. Kind of like a blog only better and more interactive.

Here is the link to the group if you’d like to join: Cowbelly Facebook Group

And since no post is complete without a photo, Fergie here says she is sorry too, even though her only fault is being owned by a doltish internet user. 🙂


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