Loodie & Max sneak peek

Some of the best light I have photographed in. Ever.

Loodie- left- girl- extrovert. Max- right- boy- introvert.

Loodie has the coolest spotted purple tongue!!

Max is painfully shy, but just the sweetest boy. He and Loodie couldn’t be more opposite, but they are the very best of friends.

I LOVE this next pair. Looking at these transports me back to the sights and smells and feeling of that time, and is the closest example I could find of how beautiful the light was that evening.

Loodie gives GREAT smile.

Random cute doggie we met during our shoot. She was soooo sweet.

Hunting for rats on the Seattle waterfront. Hey- it may be pretty but it’s still a city!

The whole family. I loved how Loodie’s leash matched her mom’s shirt, so as they were walking toward me I had to fire off a shot. These guys parents are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and I felt lucky to work with them. The location, the light, the dogs, the people- everything amounted to a darn near perfect session. This goes near the top of the list of favorite sessions ever. 🙂

And one last time, Loodie’s megawatt smile, in my new favorite pano crop.

Thank you Peter and Hope for being such wonderful people, and having such wonderful dogs! Oh, and for being so patient with me- you guys are the best. 🙂 More images soon I promise!

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7 thoughts on “Loodie & Max sneak peek

  1. They are so cute together! And seattle has some of the most interesting beaches! I love the one with both of them together looking at the camera.

  2. We may be a little bias, but those are the two cutest looking dogs you’ve posted so far. Thanks for the sneak peek! Can’t wait for the other photos.

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