Sammy the (very special) pug

A quick peek at a very special little guy, whose story I will share with you soon.

Everyone, this is Sammy. He is a pug as you can see. A very happy boy. He has a lot he can teach us, as you will soon learn in an upcoming post.

What do you think of my new panoramic crops? I am totally digging them. I think this will be my new thing. 🙂

I am taking the day off today to go spend it with my mom over in the town of Kirkland, WA where she lives. They have lots of malls over there in the burbs (with free parking even!) so we are going to do some shopping. Those who know me know I’m not a big shopper- something about malls (and the suburbs) just makes me tired and want to go home. I prefer the open air market type shopping experience a la paris or milan. But they do have some cool, fancy malls near where my mom lives and I still need to get a few things for my office so we’ll most likely hit some home stores. Speaking of my office, my 9,273 flagged emails will just have to wait till tomorrow for a reply. 

Hope y’all are having a great Monday August 25th! 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Sammy the (very special) pug

  1. I LOVE the panos…very edgy and fun and they work well with your shooting style. The office looks like it is coming along and congrats on the Fergie painting…I am green with envy!

  2. hi jamie!
    i am so glad you are taking some time for you! Sammy is the cutest! i LOVE his smile! i am looking forward to hearing his story.
    be sure to tell us what you got today!

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