Cowbelly goes ‘studio’ with Libby and Parker

My very first shoot in the new studio yesterday! Actually, my very first studio shoot ever. Not bad for a total newbie, eh?

Parker the resident studio pup. Libby my client’s dog.

I’ll post and write more on studio stuff soon. But here is a sneak preview to whet your whistle. 🙂

Parker. Shop dog. Fergie’s new buddy and stealer of Starbucks breakfast sandwiches. (Parker, I was eating that). He was my model for 5 minutes before Libby showed up. Dogs with furry faces are hard to photograph- in the studio is no exception I learned. 

Libby. My client’s super sweet (and extremely obedient!) lab mix pooch. I couldn’t have had a better dog as a newbie studio shooter. Libby is awesome. 

This shoot was for a small commercial job with both Libby and her mom, but I couldn’t resist taking some of just her alone. How cute is she? And I worried I wouldn’t be able to get dogs to smile in the studio! Pas de problem. YAY!

I decided to take some behind the scenes shots to show y’all, since I know you have been wanting to see my new studio. It’s a pretty amazing space. But remember, it isn’t all mine! I share it with 4 other amazing photographers who I will tell you about soon. I swear have learned more from them in the past couple of months than I have in the last 5 years combined! Look how good Libby was while I took these shots. I said “stay” and she stayed. Yay. 

Check out the photographer’s-dream cyclorama wall. I would have used it but the floor is duuurty right now. (Hence the reason for my shoes sitting just off the paper, so that I could walk on it without leaving footprints). Actually, Rocky and I rolled on a coat of primer yesterday after my shoot and after we get a coat or two of paint down it will be looking much better. I have another studio shoot mid-week next week and I may just use the cyc wall if the floor is looking pretty. There is lots of experimenting to do!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Cowbelly goes ‘studio’ with Libby and Parker

  1. Hi Jamie – the studio looks great! I recently did an all outdoor shoot and thought of you – it was kicking my b*tt. I was thinking “Jamie would love this” . . . I didn’t. That sun just won’t be controlled like a studio light will. Inside or outside – you’re work is beautiful.

  2. @rebecca- there is a night-and-day difference between shooting dogs on location outside in natural light vs. in the studio under lights. I had a great time and look forward to experimenting more but won’t ever give up the outdoor photography. My (outdoor) shoot today reminded me of how much I love it! 🙂

  3. Parker looks like a teddy bear! Adorable! And a Wire Fox Terrier . . . one of my favorite breeds, though they are a tough bunch. And Parker is so awesome the way he just lays there while you take behind the scene photo’s! Great first subjects!

    Love your incredible workspace! Good for you!

  4. Congrats Jamie! This is way too cool. Great space. I look forward to hearing about the differences in dog wrangling this way vs. outdoors. Sounds like a post waiting to happen. Keep up the great work.

  5. Awww, what great photos! And great detail too! Studio lighting is a craft in itself, isn’t it? And what an awesome space to have such huge backdrops. Good job Jamie!

  6. The studio looks amazing and so do those pictures. We so have to do lunch so I can come by and take a look at the new space

  7. hi jamie!
    wow! your space is so amazing. i am so excited for you! what a wonderful business you have created. your shots are wonderful. they always make me happy. you capture their smiles and their spirits. you are so talented!

  8. These are gorgeous! The studio light really makes Libby’s eyes POP! I love your new studio set up too. Looks like a dream come true 🙂

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