Fang, Ramses, Rupert ‘sneak-peek’

I actually have an honest-to-goodness sneak-peek today!

I have had so many clients to proof this summer that getting their galleries online AND a blog post within 7 days has been impossible. I have been able to get the galleries online by my deadlines but not the blog posts. 

But between Christina and I we have been rocking out the work this week and have gotten a ton accomplished so I am catching up, yay! I just have 3 more clients to proof this weekend and I am all caught up with getting galleries online, whoopee!

These guys are Fang- mini daschund, obsessed with his plush hot dog, Ramses, an amazing old boy with a super sweet story of rescue, and Rupert, one of the coolest cats you will ever meet.

Rupert. Love him. 

Ramses. Very wary of strangers. Not a surprise considering he was chained to a tree and beaten as a puppy. He is 12 years old now and has a wonderful home with parents who love him deeply. Love the relaxed smily face on the left. I was talking to him in my happy voice, and he put his head down and his ears back and smiled and half closed his eyes. Dogs are so great. 🙂

Fang is a funny little daschund. Totally play-driven just like Fergie. Also great at doing meerkat impressions. 

Only boy cats who are very secure with their masculinity can have red painted nails. (Ok, they are just caps, but they still look pretty hilarious IMO).

You guys remember the daschund in that Petco/Petsmart commercial? Yeah well, Fang isn’t like that. It would take a miracle for his toys to last long enough to need to trade them in for a new one. Just like Fergie he is into ‘gut and destroy’.

i has a hot dog (L). no you can’t have it (R).

i has a hot dog parts on my tongue (R). has good flavur.

Cat on very dark stairwell + handheld at 1600 ISO = a challenge. Helps when cat is stoned on catnip.

You wanna see the funniest thing ever? 

Fang cleans the sliding glass door with his tongue. I wish I had a dog that helped out with the housework. 😉 hee hee hee hee…


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15 thoughts on “Fang, Ramses, Rupert ‘sneak-peek’

  1. What GORGEOUS furry kids you have! Rupert is especially handsome and really rocks that red “claw” polish. Great pix!

  2. OMG i want Fang to come clean my windows. and chase the boys. he looks like he could give them a run for their money… seriously though… i think the one of him and his hot dog “no you can’t have it” is adorable. and the whole tongue out on the window. i think i would just sit in front of the window and watch. that is hilarious! i burst out laughing in my cube and had coffee come out my nose. i think my lead thinks i’m nuts….

  3. Fang is even more pleased with himself now that he has a fan club. We’re looking into hiring him out to clean windows during the day…he could make himself useful.

    Jamie’s photos are perfect – the kind of photos we wanted but were unable to take ourselves. Jamie and Christina were professional, yet friendly and the photo shoot was a blast – Fang wishes Christina could come everyday to play fetch with him.

  4. Wow. These photos just TOTALLY made my day. I think you’ve outdone yourself this time. Fang smiling with the hot dog in his mouth is AWESOME. He looks so pleased with himself!

  5. fang looks horribly neglected. I should take him home with me. seriously. Just give me a call…I’ll take the little fella off your hands. 🙂

  6. I have yet to find a dog that shares in housework other than wanting to clean off my plate at the end of dinner. Hehe. Ramses is a beautiful dog. 🙂

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