Sam at SAM’s OSP

Sam is a very unique dog: he is shy and very sensitive, yet incredibly driven and energetic when it comes to his ball. He and his mom have the sweetest relationship, and Sam’s penchant for giving you his paw to shake is heartmelting. Love Sam.

Isn’t he handsome? He has beautiful coloring.

I was totally enthralled by the white cloud in the shot on the right below. It had almost a fantasy-like quality in person.

For those of you who are tired of seeing my action ‘ball dog’ shots, you’ll want to stop looking now. 🙂

Getting these shots of Sam catching the ball with the space needle in the background was harder than it looks. Luckily Sam was happy to keep fetching for as long as it took! 

By the way- what do you think of the giant orange construction cone sculptures at the OSP? Me? Not a fan and I’m looking forward to SAM’s next installment (that’s SAM as in Seattle Art Museum- the Olympic Sculpture Park is their park. Leave it to Seattleites to have their art museum create a park! Just one of the many reasons why I love Seattle!).

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7 thoughts on “Sam at SAM’s OSP

  1. OMG!!! Sam is my Wiley’s twin brother…Wiley is on the cover of the Dogs Rule Book and he looks identical right down to that widows peak…I bet they would be great buddies…

  2. Jamie, we had so much fun that day! I am still having trouble choosing, they are all so great! Thanks again!

  3. Great actions shots and of course I love the blue sky. I was thinking the same thing about that cone – seemed really strange to me. I would LOVE if it Austin had half the awesomeness that Seattle does.

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