Kyah- sneak peek part 2

You guys all know Dozer by now. Also known as Dozer the Wonderdog, Superdozer, Darling Dozer and Daring Dozer. His mom also calls him “doh-jez”, which is pretty darn cute.

So Kyah is Dozer’s new German Shepherd baby sister. She is 12 weeks old, has huge feet, a super sweet temperament and the kind of cuteness that ought to be illegal. The kind of cuteness that could make people crash their cars during double-takes, bring grown men to tears, incite fits of puppy adoption insanity, make dog photographers take hundreds of shots, cause 39 images to appear on blog posts, and just generally cause people to go insane. We decided to mix things up a bit by heading over to Marymoor Park in Redmond WA. I was there not only for Kyah’s first swim, but her first kiss as well, awww. 

Enjoy and happy weekend!

Not so sure about this water thing…

Big brother looks concerned. He must be really starting to like the little one. 

Kyah’s first swim!

noooo, daddy nooo…

but then she kept going back down to the water on her own. 

and this is when she slipped and started to go in…

and this is when daddy rescued her. 🙂

Kyah is like Dozer’s shadow- she follows him everywhere, even if she can’t quite keep up yet. 

Isn’t Marymoor Park pretty? If I recall accurately, it was voted best dog park in America by Bark Magazine. It’s just a 30-minute drive from Seattle in no traffic. But add traffic on (which is oh, all the time except maybe between 11AM AND 2PM weekdays), and it doubles to 60-90 minutes. Still worth the drive on days when one has a chunk of time to spare for the pooch and can avoid rush hour. 

Kyah is shy and sensitive, so you will find her hiding behind mom often. A true momma’s girl. 

mmm, rolling in wild animal poop. whatever it was it was green. yumm…

It was funny- we were way out in the tall green grass- well off the beaten path- barely visible to parkgoers, yet the doggies kept finding us over there. Every half minute or so a different dog would pop up in the grass next to us. I just kept snapping as they appeared in front of me. Angie and I would go: “oh look at YOU- you’re cute!!”. There were A LOT of happy dogs there that day. 

a personal fave of both of them. how cute are they?

Ok, get ready for it…. KYAH’S FIRST KISS!! now that is one happy bulldog. 

I think Kyah made his day, hee hee…

Dozer found these gorgeous sleek black dogs to play with.

The wild beasts run free in the Marymoor Savannah….

even though it’s blurry I love this shot of the two of them. 

By the way, Kyah is adopted. Any breed, even purebreds, can be rescued instead of bought. For proof see the Seattle Purebred Rescue Society. Rescued purebred dogs may take a little bit longer to find, but the feeling of saving a truly needy animal is more than worth the wait. 

puppy teeth!!

more friends we met that day at Marymoor.

one of Kyah’s favorite toys, and a prelude to the next shot…

Dozer has not yet made it past the “mine” stage. He is getting better but apparently he still steals all of Kyah’s toys away from her, as this shot is a great example of. Awwww…

I couldn’t resist. I had to take just one shot of him jumping! What’s a superhero to do? 🙂

Hope you enjoyed all of these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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  1. Awww. Seattle seems to have the best dog parks! Makes me jealous. Kyah is absolutely adorable! Great shots of her getting ‘introduced’ to water!

  2. Beautiful photos of Kyah and Dozer. They remind me of all the good times I had taking Hugo when he was young to Marymoor. Also a big thanks for the reminder to everyone that every breed is available through rescue and shelters. I was so close to getting another Boston from the Tacoma Humane, but she was just lost and her people came to claim her. Maybe the next Boston they get in 🙂

  3. OMG your personal fave of Kyah is mine too! And that shot of her from behind… how gorgeous would that look blown up on a canvas gallery wrap!?

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