Whidbey Island Cowbelly party sneak peek

Yesterday was the big 5-year Cowbelly anniversary party on Whidbey Island. Dogs and humans alike had so much fun and my guess is that everyone is exhausted today. I know Fergie and I are! I am working from home today- flat out on the couch with my laptop on my lap. Fergie is right next to me, snoring away. I may need a little nap too after posting this. 🙂

A huge thank you to everyone that came! Also a huge thanks to JS for baking all of the awesome homemade doggy treats that were such a special gift for attendees. Fergie snacked on hers in the car on the ferry. I plan to post all of the images on my proofs site once I have time to go through them- so far I have them narrowed to 522, ha! I will send the link to everyone when they are ready to view. Here are a few sneak-peeks that I feel best exemplify both the happy, relaxed mood of the day and the gorgeous surroundings of Whidbey Island. I swear there isn’t a prettier place in the Pacific Northwest for dog photography. Enjoy! 

Fergie was very sleepy that morning until we got on the ferry. Then I think she remembered the smells from last year and started getting excited. 

The lovely Puget Sound. Whidbey is one of the San Juan Islands, which are accessible by ferry from the mainland. There were lots of low-lying clouds that morning but they burned off by midday making for a gorgeous, sunny afternoon with beautiful blue skies.

At the first OLA- Marguerite Brons. Which, apparently, is the island’s best-kept secret. Seymour (l) and Bella (r).

Fergie and Sasha.

Kate and Spice.

The off-leash trails at the park. A dense, green, woodsy, mossy, ferny paradise for dogs. Fully fenced (no joke!). That’s Fergie and Dozer there on the left (with D’ogi next to them). F & D went NUTS running through the woods. Nearly took us all out several times. 

Kyah exploring her new surroundings. D’ogi sitting nicely for a treat.

Seymour (l) Fatsa (r). Posing on the same picnic table I shot Fergie one one year ago.

Useless Bay Coffee Company where we had lunch. LOVE THEM. There isn’t a single thing they serve- from their paninis to their cookies to their espresso drinks- that isn’t downright delicious. I think we have some new converts on our hands. 🙂

Fatsa fell in love with Charlie, hee hee. That’s Double Bluff Beach. The #1 paradise for dogs on Whidbey Island. I could have stayed there for weeks.

A personal fave below.

Michelle was popular with both the big dogs and little dogs. 

Bella with her mom.

Kate on the left enjoying a game of ball in the (very warm!!) surf. Poor Kyah was still exhausted from our big photo shoot just the day before. 

The water was very shallow quite a ways out, which enabled it to be warmed by the sun. It was like bathwater- incredible. Even non-swimming dogs couldn’t stay out of it. I wanted to lay down in it but alas was fully clothed.

The dogs were exhausted before we even left the beach. Here Bella tries to keep her eyes open while she gets toweled off.

Fatsa taking a little nap in the sun.

After a 20-minute rest Fergie found her second wind. At that point I honestly couldn’t believe she was still moving. ‘Indefatigable’ as my dad says.

In the car in line for the ferry home. I have never seen her so tired ever. Although after running and swimming for hours non-stop it was no surprise! Notice the eyes rolling back into the head, hee hee?

For those Seattleites who are interested in a getaway to Whidbey Island, here is a link to the island’s off-leash dog parks, courtesy of JS, courtesy of a very nice lady on the beach. Not only do they love dogs there but all of the people are SO friendly! I love Whidbey!


I agree with James in that we should do it more often! Anyone up for a trip before the summer ends?

14 thoughts on “Whidbey Island Cowbelly party sneak peek

  1. We all had a fabulous day! Your photos really captured the mood of the trip. Bella wrapped in one of our fleeces in her bed snoozed all the way home in the car. We hung out and had a quiet day at home Monday. Bella is still snacking on her wonderful treats provided by JS and Suzanne. Thanks for including us. Congrats on having your business for 5 years. How Awesome. Love, Pearl & James

  2. This looks like so much fun. I adore the shot of the pug high tailing it across the sand. That shot has it all – paw prints – check, leaping dog – check, pug shadow – check, sandy texture – check… awesome!

  3. Well jamie I have to say that you make my hometown look GOOD! 🙂 I am so sorry I missed your big bash and I am so glad you had tons of fun!!

    We’ll have to take an adventure out there together some time and I can show you all REAL best kept secrets!!!

    Congrats lady, here’s to 5 MORE action-packed years!!



  4. GREAT pics sis! I’m so VERY proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished! HUGS!

  5. amazing!! congrats on 5 years! I wish that me and Eddie could of joined in on the fun. He would love it there 🙂

  6. Fantastiko pictures!! My favorite of course is the one of Kyah, the little German Shepherd. I can imagine Maisie looking a little like that when she was a puppy. CUTE!!

  7. Congrats on your five years! I wish Otis and I could have been there……. he would of loved Bella. lol! Your photos are amazing!
    By the way…….. your pages in the dog book are awesome! It was fun to be part of this project with such talented women.

  8. Congratulations on your fantastic 5 years and what an awesome way to celebrate! Looks like such a fun time and what a gorgeous place to shoot. I’m loving the first shot of Fergie in the car. WOW. It looks like she’s stuck in a tunnel during rush hour traffic. Not something you’d see everyday!

  9. hi jaime!
    oh how wonderful! i wish i could have come too! i LOVE all of your photos!
    thank you again for your beautiful book page. it is amazing!!!

  10. you read my mind! i’ve been dying to see a sneak peek all day! thank you thank you thank you thank you… you are amazing! have i said i love them????

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