Mylla’s shoot almost didn’t happen. Her parents were moving to Washington DC and her mom wanted to schedule a shoot with me. Their schedules were so crazy that it was looking like it wasn’t going to be feasible before they left, but we worked out a date in the end. And I am so happy we did! I have to say that I love these shots of Mylla (pronounced mee-lah), and she was a joy to work with!

Mylla’s shoot took place at Magnuson Park, both in the off-leash area and other parts of the park that I had never explored before. A huge thank-you to Mylla’s mom for introducing me to such awesome settings at Magnuson, especially the old submarine sculptures, which are like, the coolest thing ever.

 I love this next diptych. It gives me the feel of ‘dog’. I can almost feel the spray of water on my legs. Mylla, in her element. 

See that little pug behind Mylla? That little guy was actually swimming! And by swimming I mean he’d swim way out for his ball, then bring it back, then swim out again, just like Fergie. And I thought pugs didn’t swim. Who knew? 

Mylla has the neatest spotted pattern on the back of her mouth. I had to try and capture it. Kind of matches the pattern of her fur on the back of her head, doncha think?

We literally ran to get the next shot on the right below. The sailboat must have had it’s motor on, because it was passing us really fast as we walked on a path near the water. I was determined to capture Mylla on the beach with the boat behind her. Just as we caught up to the boat we ran off the path, through the tall grass and over to the water and stumbled on this little beach. I had just enough time to snap one shot before the sailboat was out of the frame, and this is what I got. I like.

Mylla is even cool looking in black and white. 

The submarine sculptures. Beyond rad. Like black metal shark fins rising up from the ground.  Definitely going on my ‘shoot here again’ list. 

Ha ha, she is standing on my foot in this next shot on the right. Waiting for me to throw her tennis ball.

Mylla’s coloring is just gorgeous. I couldn’t get enough. 

And since Mylla is such a ball dog, I couldn’t resist getting some action ball shots of her during our session. There are quite a few more of her flying through the air, but I figure between Dozer and Fergie you have seen enough ‘dogs flying after/catching tennis balls’ shots from me to last a nice long time. 🙂

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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8 thoughts on “Mylla

  1. That is one serious dog tongue – and he knows how to use it. Something tells me that Mylla’s car has a wee bit o drool in it.

  2. OMG, love those submarine pics, i had no idea those were there! and, have to give pug love to the pug swimming, he looks so intense, concentrating quite hard…. we now know even prima donna pugs swim 😛 if only seymour would actually bring the ball back…

  3. beautiful dog! love the black and whites and the submarine pictures! The very last picture is pretty great as well, especially for her loving balls so much.

  4. Those two portraits of her in front of the submarine sculptures are just super yummy and rich. Beautiful shoot – I wish we had awesome spots like that in Austin.

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