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A few of you may have been confused by one of the last lines in my Fergie post where I mentioned that you can see more shots of Fergie this week on the Wag Reflex blog. “What is it?” you say?

It’s Amazon’s cool new pet blog! From the blog:

“Wag Reflex is a collaborative effort to bring you informative, heartwarming, and fun pet-focused stories and pictures. Our contributors include veterinarians, trainers, major pet magazines, top pet-product manufacturers, pro pet photographers, and various other pet lovers. We’re obsessed with pets and we want to share our passion.

Come back and visit our blog frequently to get the latest pet news, training tips, product reviews, veterinary recommendations, and, of course, cute pictures of dogs and cats.

Because this is a collaborative effort, we invite you, the loyal reader, to actively participate in this blog. Feel free to submit questions for our veterinarians; e-mail us your pet’s bio to be featured in our Pet Profiles; and add your cutest pet pictures to the Wag Reflex Flickr pool. (”

I was contacted several weeks ago by Amazon about getting on board as a weekly contributor and I said “absolutely yes!”. This week is my first week on the blog, starting with Dozer’s post. Fergie is next up. Who is next after that? You’ll just have to bookmark it and see. FYI: all of the photos I submit to the Wag Reflex blog will be different than the ones posted here, so if you need a bigger Cowbelly fix, head on over!

It looks to be a terrific resource for pet owners and lovers alike, and I am thrilled to be involved. Yay. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for turning everyone on to this site. I’m proud to say that my Borias is going to be the very first ‘Pet Profile’ featured dog! I can’t wait to see it 🙂

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