Daisy basset puppy

It’s finally time for some pictures!! With all of the changes taking place in my life recently, I have decided to change things up on the blog as well. I seem to post the same type of photos all of the time, even though I always capture a broad range of different types of shots of my subjects. From here on out I am challenging myself to post photos that may not be my personal favorites but that you my lovely blog audience may appreciate just the same. This post is my first attempt. Hope you all like ’em. 

This is Daisy. She is just one year old but very much still a puppy. She does an adorable ‘head-on-paws’ as you can see. This is for you guys Paul, Sara, Victoria, Charlie and Seymour! 🙂


Daisy is also very good at ‘shake’, which she demonstrates on the left below. 

Funky processing below. This foreshadows an upcoming post!

Those basset puppy ears are very much as soft as they look. Isn’t she a cutie? 

Of course the day before I try and get this shot below I completely change my shooting style to custom functions for focusing, metering and exposing, making it confusing as heck for me to figure out how to get Daisy dark and the water light. Software certainly helps. I love capturing dog shadows and the summer evening shoots are the perfect time to do it. 

A personal fave below. Taken in front of the coolest art deco former navy building. I could shoot there any day!

I LOVE these photos. They really exemplify the feeling I have when shooting dogs: pure joy. I was running in front of Daisy and had the camera down at my side trying to capture her while running. The only thing that ended up (sort of) in focus was my pants leg, as you can see. That’s the back of my shoe on the far left. All I remember was just laughing, and turning around to grab Daisy and give her a big hug and wrestle. 

More fantastic art deco building. Pardon the terrible noise in the shot on the left. It was dark enough to be what I call a ‘delete’, but Daisy was so cute I just had to try and salvage the shot. 

I proofed Daisy for her parents a couple of weeks ago. Daisy’s dad gave me the best compliment I had received in awhile:

“Thank you so much for taking the pictures, they’re spectacular.”


To check out all of Daisy’s photos from her shoot at South Lake Union, check out her gallery here. Be sure to click on ‘slideshow’ in the upper left.


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13 thoughts on “Daisy basset puppy

  1. oh my god, i LOVE that last one on the left with the one ear in mid-flight — i’m so excited to have found your blog!! 🙂

  2. How in the world do your clients pick which pictures they want? As I scrolled through the post I kept thinking “Oh that’s my favourite” and then a couple pictures later, I’d think that again and again and again!

  3. ps. I’m going to fill out all my registration stuff this weekend! I’m totally STOKED about the workshop in September!!! Woohoo!

  4. Wow! LOVE them! I hope someday my pet photography is half as amazing as yours…
    The colors are fantastic… the angles are creative… the running is hilarious (and sounds like something I would try but I’d probably fall down).
    Just wow.

  5. love them :)i think the one of her ear flying with a wee bit of tongue sticking out is absolutely adorable!

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