South Lake Union for the doggies

First off, summer is finally here, YAY!!! It’s 85 degrees in Seattle and Fergie and I just took a walk around Queen Anne and all of the people are out and the tourists are milling and everyone is happy and it’s beautiful out. (FINALLY).

In this post I wanted to finally share some images from one of my favorite photography assignments. 

Those of you who subscribe to or buy CityDog Magazine will see that the summer 2008 Dog’s Eye View article is on South Lake Union in Seattle. Yours-truly did the photography for the article last month and wrote about it on my old blog. It really was one of the best days I have ever had doing photography.

For those who live outside of Seattle, the South Lake Union neighborhood is on north edge of Downtown, and sits between downtown and Lake Union. It’s an interesting mix of parks and office buildings and condos and stores. Definitely a very urban neighborhood, and is quickly up and coming. 

Here are some shots from the article, along with some of my personal favorites. 

Urban beast, a great store for your, well, urban beast. 

They carry some of the most unique products you will find in a boutique pet store. Owner Katie Rockwell never ceases to amaze with her beautiful AND utilitarian finds. 

Cascade Park, at the heart of South Lake Union, also known as the Cascade neighborhood. This harlequin great dane was enjoying the same toy that is Fergie’s favorite- the everlasting treat ball. I recognize it a mile away. 

I really enjoy the dichotomy of the flowers against the urban setting. These were taken in the pea patch.

Lucy the neighborhood bulldog was enjoying an outing with her mom in the park. Her mom said she was so happy to just be outside and sit in the grass under a shady tree. She was so sweet.

The shop dog at the new City Hardware. I think his name is Bear (?). Ah, I feel terrible that I don’t remember!! He is awesome. 

Gotta love the trusty 5D for getting those great indoor shots ‘sans-flash’. BTW: I just darkened this photo slightly and added a teensy bit of contrast- it’s crazy that his eyes really looked like that in the shot!!

The sun was streaming in through the window in this one spot in front of the paint cans. I ended up taking pictures of him there for about 10 minutes. They made a very unusual backdrop. It almost looks like he is sitting in the library of an english manor in the first shot. 

This next shot paints a pretty good picture of what the neighborhood looks like. Lots of buildings going up with new construction flanking wherehouse buildings that have been there for many decades. Below on the right you will see the South Lake Union neighborhood center, behind which is the park where the super fun Muttmazing Race and SLU block party will take place on August 8th. If you are in the Seattle area you totally have to go and bring your dog! Fergie and I went last year and had a blast. The show an outdoor movie and have a beer garden and lots of vendors and food and well, just a great big summer party for everyone. 

Some of you may have a Scraps in your area. We are lucky enough to have one in our city, and it gets a lot of traffic, sitting in the same complex as the new Pan Pacific hotel. Scraps has a really cool industrial vibe, and they have everything you could need for your pet. I was especially in awe over their huge clothing selection. I’m not normally a fan of clothes for dogs, but they had stuff there I would totally buy for Fergie if it fit her (and if she didn’t hate me for putting it on her, lol). I LOVE the signs. 

Inside the store. That amazing wall-sized photograph was done by my friend Emily Rieman, owner of Best Friend photography. BTW: you totally have to go check out Emily’s new website, it is FANTASTIC! Isn’t that wall amazing? Check out the chairs below it too. 

Below we have Lake Union Park, which provides stellar views to the north of Lake Union and Gasworks Park, and to the south of downtown Seattle. 

The Naval Reserve building you see on the left below is the water side of the building on the right in the photo above. I loved the building so much I could have stayed there all day photographing it. The shot on the right is at the Wooden Boat Center, which, as you can see, is dog friendly. The center sits directly behind the Naval Reserve. It goes, park, then building, then boat center, then restaurants. Here is an aerial view. And another aerial view of the neighborhood. And a fascinating article on the history of the neighborhood. 

Said Wooden Boat Center. Just to the left of the Boat Center are a bunch of great restaurants that sit on the shore of Lake Union. They all have decks overlooking the water and are the perfect place to have a meal and a drink and be happy to be alive. Jill the restaurants are right across the street from the Silver Could Inn, so it’s an awesome place to stay!!

Doing this kind of photography that day made me realize I really enjoy photography in general, not just of dogs and cats. Although I don’t think I’d ever want to make a living doing any other type of photography (nor do I think I’m good enough to), sometimes it’s fun to take the camera out and point it at things that aren’t covered with fur. 

And last but not least, we have the SLUT (South Lake Union Transit). Takes you from the hotels and restaurants in SLU straight to downtown. AND, it’s dog-friendly! Woohoo!

So as you can see, South Lake Union is a great place to live, and/or visit, with your pooch. Please do pick up CityDog Magazine though for the full article, which this post just can’t do justice to. The writer includes some really great out of the way spots that I didn’t visit while there, and also writes more about special things you can do with your dog while there. 

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into a corner of the city!

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  1. Christina corrected me yesterday in telling me that the SLUT isn’t really called the SLUT. Apparently that was it’s name and then the city tried to change it to SLUS: ‘South Lake Union Streetcar’. But it was too late (nice try city!); everyone already knew it as the SLUT, hee hee.

  2. Your photos are so full of life and color it is just like being there. thank you for sharing this glimpse of Seattle!

  3. I wish where I live in So. Cali had so many lush and green areas like that. They are beautiful; makes me jealous. 🙂

  4. Wow! Thanks for the tour! Your pics are awesome……. makes me want to book a trip. I’d like to ride the SLUT to all the dog stores. lol ! Scraps is very cool……wish we had one in Ohio.

  5. hi jamie!
    wow! what a wonderful post! this is exactly all the things i want to do and see when i come out to visit seattle! now i want to come out even sooner! your photos and enthusiam and wonderful!

  6. Jill, It IS the perfect place to stay. I couldn’t have picked better for you myself. Grace- yup, it’s the SLUT. The slutty slut. Not only is it lipstick red but it gets around really well too. Ha ha ha, I slay myself. 😉

  7. Congrats on shooting this article, your photos are superb as always! What a cool, fun, dog friendly neighborhood. I can’t believe that train is called the SLUT!? HAA!

  8. Thanks Jamie for the wonderful tour of the area…looks amazing and I can’t wait to check out the cool dog stores…we have nothing like that here at all. It looks like the perfect place to stay!

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