June & Shelby part II

It’s about time to have more images and less writing on this blog! More cutie-pie Junepug and Shelby Shepherd images since I couldn’t fit them all on one post.

Hmm, what’s that on the other end of the leash?

Ah yes of course, it’s Junepug!

Who me? I don’t drag my sister around by her leash.. nooooo… I’m innocent…

Ha ha, I love the one on the right…

I LOVE Shelby! When I crested the top of the stairs to their home, she came running to greet me with the biggest, brightest, sparkliest eyes, and a big smile, and gave me licks right away even though we had only just met. Then this little yellow thing started rolling around in my lap. It took me a moment to realize it was a baby pug. I was in heaven with Shelby and June.

At every shoot I ask my clients to tell me the story of where their pet(s) came from, and I am usually prepared to hear the answer. In Shelby’s case I wasn’t. Apparently she was thrown out of a car window as a young puppy, and was found in very bad shape by a neighborhood boy who brought her straight away to her (now) daddy’s house. Now here is the really amazing part. He was literally getting ready to leave to go to the shelter to find a dog to adopt. Long story short he never ended up going to the shelter that day. They have been together ever since. That was 15 years ago. Aw man, I thought I could type this without crying! Where are my kleenex! P.S. Now you tell me that you don’t believe in fate. 

It’s not always possible to get shots of pets together. At least not good shots, as is evidenced by these next two. ESPECIALLY not after the pet photographer sprinkles treats all over the ground only minutes earlier, causing quite a distraction. 😉


Ok, so you have got to go check out the gal who made this beautiful tag for the Junepug. She offers a great range of designs and shapes and they are all sterling silver and some of them have beautiful semi-precious stones, and they are all hand engraved with your pet’s name and phone number. (I mean, YOUR phone number. Your pet may have a cell phone, I don’t know. Mine doesn’t.) Her business is called Bella Tocca Tags and you can see all of the styles, and order one for your own pooch here. Fergie and I will be getting the ‘Woof’ tag with all of the fun words on it. Or maybe the beetle. I also love the ‘Gibson’ jeweled tag- stunning. 

I positively adore this next set of shots below. It almost looks like the sage old gal is consulting the young pup on the ways of life in the 2nd shot. 

Shelby is right where she wants to be. I wish she were here with me! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “June & Shelby part II

  1. yay! thanks guys, that means a lot to me. and proud parent, I am so happy you are happy! that is really all that matters. and grace- I found the trackback to be pretty darn funny too, which is why I am leaving it there. 🙂

  2. WOWWWWWEEEEE I am so excited! I think I like this set even better than the first!!! We are so glad to have these. My only fear is that our home will be wall to wall dog pics – oh wait is that bad?

  3. I love puppies and all but man Shelby has won my heart. This is such a sweet photo session. Their owner must be THRILLED. By the way, that trackback is pretty hilarious.

  4. I love these two. You really captured their spirit and personality. These are all lovely and I have to say that I really like the one of Shelby talking to JunePug – perfect moment!

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