June Pug and Shelby Shepherd ‘sneak peek’

I have been in bed all day with salmonella food poisoning, and just barely had enough energy to pick up my laptop, log into my account and click ‘publish’ on this draft that I saved yesterday. (I couldn’t wait to post it). I haven’t felt this bad in years.

Thank god I had more energy on Saturday: I did this shoot for June, a 12-week old pug puppy, and Shelby, her 15 year old sister. Both darling girls and super sweet. I wanted to stay there with them all day.

First, I have to show you just how tiny June is. “Lookout for the roller skater June!!”

I love Shelby! How adorable is she??

June ‘walks’ Shelby on her leash. Pure comedy there at Greenlake that day. Had people stopping in their tracks on the path.

Junepug has rabbit ears!!

First time in water. I died laughing.

I was putting treats on the lion’s paw, then swapped them out for a chestnut. June was perplexed.

in case you missed it the first time around….

June has the prettiest little dog tags- a sterling silver bone and handmade, custom engraved heart. I’ll have to find out the link to the gal who makes these and post it here.

This next pair are two of my faves from the shoot.

A sleepy pug puppy is a happy pug puppy.

I have so many favorites of them this will be a 2-part post. 

If you will excuse me, I think I will go die now.

Oh wait, before I forget. Do you know how you can help me get over my food poisoning faster? Send this post to everyone you know and help me start a viral blog post! This pretty new blog isn’t getting much traffic yet and I’d love to see some new folks stop by.

Thanks so much!

Ok, now I will go die…

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17 thoughts on “June Pug and Shelby Shepherd ‘sneak peek’

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  2. hi jamie!
    oh! i hope you are feeling all better! did you eat a tomato? poor baby!
    shelby is the cutest little pug. you really captured her! even if i sat there playing with her, i would not see her the way you are able to show her to the world. you are so talented!

  3. hi jamie!
    oh! I hope you are feeling all better! did you eat a tomato? poor baby!
    shelby is the cutest, tinest puggy!
    great work as always!

  4. Jamie – I can’t stop looking at the first shot. Crap…I am so fricking jealous and in awe at the same time…crap…did I mention I’m jealous?

    Let’s go through the checklist:

    -Composition: perfect. Ackkkk
    -Color Saturation: alien but perfect for Seattle. check
    -frickin’serendipity factor of having a pumpkin-colored shirt on the right with a color-wheel-matching perfect purple jersey on the left plus!!!! a curious pug puppy going towards it

    Oy! And don’t even get me started on the whole pug-puppy-carrying-the-leash-of-the-other-dog-thing.

    bottom line: you’ve truly outdone yourself

  5. Hey Jamie,
    Checking to see if you are feel better. It’s been a couple days. I hope so!!

  6. Jamie- You took some fabulous pictures! I’m the gal who made the heart- Would that I could send you around the country to document all my Bella Tocca Tag customers! My gosh that tag looks so terrific….I would love to show one of these images on my site. If I had “people” I would have them call your “people”. As it is, I’ll hope you feel better in a few days and call you myself.
    Meanwhile, I’m really sorry about your food poisoning. Drink lots and lots of water, so you don’t dehydrate, while you’re waiting for it to pass.

  7. Oh Jamie, I am so sorry to hear you are sick! I had food poisening last year and understand your suffering. The pictures are beautiful, and the dogs are both so proud! Take care of yourself….

  8. Jamie,
    Sorry to hear your not feel good. I hope by the time you read this you will be.
    I love the pictures. My heart belongs to Shelby.You can see all the love she has given and received in her eyes.
    Feel better soon.

  9. Digestive enzymes could be the answer to your food poisoning dilemma, as supplemental enzymes can work wonders in helping rid the body of toxic gook. You can purchase digestive enzymes at most health food stores or natural food markets like Whole Foods. Look for a brand that works on proteins, sugars, fats, and fiber. You’d probably benefit from a “therapeutic dose”, or 2-3 times the normal daily dose. Lots o’ pure water to flush your system will help too. Just curious, have you been feeling defenseless lately, like perhaps other people in your life are taking control? If so, the food poisoning could be linked to some emotional gunk that could be addressed with this affirmation: “I have the strength, power, and skill to digest whatever comes my way.” Repeat the affirmation as many times as you can throughout the day, you may just be amazed with the results. Good luck and hope you’re feeling better soon.

  10. The first thing I thought when I read you were sick was tomatoes! We’re reading about them everyday here in the mid-west! I hope you’re doing better!
    Pics are gorgeous and June is a doll!

  11. oh Jamie…I am sooo sorry for you..nothing is worse than food poisoning. Unfortunatley time is the only cure that I know of….stay hydrated and I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re sick 🙁 I didn’t do it did I?!??!?!?!?!? but on another note… OMG I love June… I can’t let the boys see the post. Seymour would flip. Them walking together? I laughed out loud 🙂 And the look she’s giving the lion? priceless. Seymour does that all the time and I just melted when I saw that. (Or Charlie gives you that look if you try giving him vegetables. he’s like, seriously? no) Amazing work Jamie as always!

  13. Oh dear I hope you feel better. Drink lots of ginger ale and see if you can get some real ginger to cure your upset tummy. Another thing that makes upset tummies feel better is ginseng tea with honey. I LOOOOOVE these pictures by the way. They are hysterical. I love how June walks Shelby!

  14. Oh Jamie – I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. That is just awful. I wish I had some awesome remedy for you.
    As far as the pictures are concerned – they are awesome. That last one of her holding the June is to die for. Love it!

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