Cowbelly + CityDog Magazine Summer 2008 issue = Love


I’m positively bubbling over with excitement. That’s Seymour- left and Charlie- right (aka Trouble and Chaos) on the cover of the summer issue of CityDog Magazine, photographed by yours-truly, yay! The summer issue will be hitting newsstands near you toute-suite but you guys get the sneak peek here and on the CityDog blog. Also, look for my photography in the ‘Dog’s Eye View’ Neighborhood feature. I’ll post photos from that but first there’s a little contest I’ve gotta take care of (see below).

BTW: The images on the homepage of my newly updated website are a couple of ‘outtakes’ from one of our cover shoots. I’ll interview Charlie and Seymour in an upcoming post to get THEIR take on the whole experience. And what an experience it was!

Thanks Brandie for asking me to photograph the cover (and for being excited when I said yes!), thanks Victoria for saying yes and being as happy as I hoped you would be to participate and for being so patient with the process, and thank you Mother Nature for finally cooperating with us! And of course thank you boys, I love you both dearly!! (even if you do eat my greeting cards and stand on the coffee table and bark in princess fergermeister’s face, heh heh).

For those of you who haven’t seen this magazine, you simply must subscribe; it’s rad. 

More backstory on the cover shoot(s) soon!

Yay, magazine covers yay!

Oh also, I’ll be announcing the winner of the ‘slice of life‘ photo contest very shortly! I already know who wins, but don’t tell anyone, shhhh….

12 thoughts on “Cowbelly + CityDog Magazine Summer 2008 issue = Love

  1. hello from new zealand! congrats on this wonderful cover shot! Couldn’t have shot a better photo for a “summer issue.”

  2. hi jamie!
    wow! the pugs are perfect on the cover and on your website.

    your blog, website and workshops look amazing! seamless, professional, passionate exciting and fun.

    you are inspiring!


  3. Congrats on your cover. Nice job balancing the light and capturing the moment. Can’t wait to hear what the “Pugganos” Did after their shoot.
    Thank for always sharing.

  4. yeah, only what charlie doesn’t know is that fergie is running her own operation on the side, and donating the money to after-school programs for at-risk youth. SHE is actually the brains behind the operation and plans to be head of the family one of these days. I predict she and Seymour will end up together.

  5. would season 1 be “the boss” and seymour battling it out for the favor of Miss Fergie? (insert cheesy-scary-scene-coming-up music here) Seymour already having Luna’s (was that her name? the lil pug from pugfest? i had to tell Seymour she was spoken for by a Great Dane, he wouldn’t get off the computer) love, wants the boss man’s lady thinking it will boost him into the position of power… hmm… sorry. tell me to shush. i’m taking this too far…

  6. and seymour has to bow down and kiss the rings of charlie bear…. teeheehee… poor seymour. he’s prolly contemplating putting a hit out on the mafia boss since he thinks he’s the real brains of the operation…. we’ll see how this plays out. stay tuned.

  7. I think for this mag cover it should be called ‘Mafia Dog’ magazine, because Charlie looks like he is about to whoop some serious doggy mafia butt. “You wan some dis, uh?” hee hee hee… Oh, and Seymour is his passive nervous little mafia dog in training and jumps at the sounds of every dark alley “woof”, and bows to Charlie and refers to him as “yes master”.

  8. I must say… it is the most stunning mag cover I have ever seen…. however I’m a bit biased…. anytime Jamie, you know the puglets would do anything for you! 😉

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