Workshops update- 6/08

The September workshop is now 1/3 full as of tonight, just 48 hours after the soft launch, which means 5 people signed up, 10 more open spaces left. I have yet to send an email to my mailing list or do any formal promotional push, so if you are interested, even if you aren’t sure if you can come yet, at least drop me a line and get on my radar!

And I made it official today after an email exchange with an esteemed colleague; the October workshop will be an advanced workshop for established photographers, focusing solely on days 2 and 3: EXPERIENCE and EXPLORE: Saturday will be photography in the studio and in the field, Sunday will be post-shoot processing, exploring ways to expand revenue streams, web secrets (and more!), and it is open to both pet photographers and family/portrait/wedding photographers who would like to add pet photography to their roster of services.

I will update workshop II on the workshops website as well as post updates on the workshop page of this blog!

Yay, workshops, yay!!

Thanks for all of your support, I am THRILLED to be doing this!! I just wish it were here already. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Workshops update- 6/08

  1. Wonderful idea – I hope it is a huge success!! Here’s to wishing something like this was in my finances right now, but alas, it’s not. Now if I could just convince ya’ll to sponsor a scholarship fund…..

    ….just teasing!! 😉

    The best of luck in this grand adventure!

  2. hi jamie
    as a newcomer to the business i {really} will benefit from your workshop.
    however, as i am in the uk, i need to finalise logistics and costs!
    but, could you please pencil a place for me?

  3. The workshop agenda looks AWESOME!!! I so want to come. Even though I have run my own pet photography business, there is so much more to learn. And while nothing is better than your own experience, it’s a whole lot quicker to learn from someone elses 😉 I have a work trip to Europe in September (I know I lead a tough life), but hopefully it won’t coincide.

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